ADPTV Halloween Week

Staying at the office for 9 hours each day, talking to the same people, and doing the same thing can get boooooring! That's why I love being part of engagement teams. For at least one day each month, we get to have fun, and do crazy things other than work related stuff. And I get to be part of the planning stage!

I  had been a part of the Global Engagement Team for two years now. I think that's why my supervisor Ron asked me to be part of the local engagement group that we started last month. The first month was a success but my team didn't win so I'm not sure I want to post it. Haha. We won overall for the second run and got P5,000 team funds! Woohoo!
This month, we had our Halloween week. We started with TeamDub. 7 teams participated. Each team had to upload their own dubsmash daily, based on the day's assigned clip. To make it more challenging, different requirements had to be incorporated in the video. Headset for Monday; Subtitle for Tuesday; Elevator for Wednesday; and a Stranger for Thursday. Different guest judges gave each video a score of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. We came in 3rd with 31 points. The top team got 35. Not everyone got our joke but we had so much fun, scores did not matter!
My team's 4 10-second dubsmash for TeamDub. 
The winning team's dubsmash for TeamDub. 
posted with permission from Terrence D'Arby

We reserved Friday for the big challenge. We wanted it to be a scape room type of activity. It's our very own Hotel 629! There were 6 different rooms that we set up with different challenges that the teams had to conquer to get clues. 

We had Twisted Twister and Impossible Memory Game rooms. Room 3 had everyone buzzing with the Buzz Wire Challenge. Team work, flexibility, and strategy were needed for the Wire Room. The last two rooms were done in the dark. The Fear Factor room had players searching on a bag of 'unknown' weird things for the key to exit the room. And lastly, they had to find the final clue in the Blackroom.
Touch the Halloween movie character with body parts
Match 100 cards in 5 minutes
Buzz Buzz
Can you pass without touching the wires?

All the clues collected were needed to get to the final question. I made the final question and nobody got it. I wonder if you would.
What is the location of the most haunting, ghastly movie of all time?

We really had to rely on team work to not only complete the challenges, but also for the engagement team to execute the plan successfully. It was both fun, scary, exciting, challenging, and a great break to the monotony of our everyday work life. Happy workers are more productive and we surely were ecstatic. Oh, did I mention the prize money was given by our wonderful manager, out of his own pocket? I'm already claiming that the success of our last two months had inspired boss Vic to extend ADPTV for another month. I'm excited to plan our November challenge!

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