#milaOOTD: Rainy Day Fun

I hope everyone is safe and sound. I enjoy this cool, refreshing weather, but I can't help feeling worried too about other parts of the country who's having a hard time with storm Lando. I really pray everyone stays dry and comfortable inside their home.

Remember how Mondays are my happy days? It's so true today. Our new yaya starts work with us. She seems nice and easy to live with. I think she is kind and genuinely cares for Mila. I pray firsts impressions last and she stays with us for a lone time. 

Now that we have someone to help with house chores, we finally got time to do our errands without having to rush rush rush. Since we have a little spare time, we decided to finally pick it up the socks I ordered online. The timing could not be any more perfect. 
Just look at those socks! Perfection! It's the same dress she was wearing earlier when we went out driving. We just added the socks and changed to a waterproof shoes and voila! We got our #milaOOTD. 
Mila had been stuck inside the house because of the rain. We needed to stretch those legs so the garage is now our playground. I'm glad we thought of this. I got the exercise I need too. She was running all around, kicking ball like a pro soccer player. It got me all sweaty and warm.
#milaOOTD: October 19, 2015
Headband: SM Department Store
Dress: Babypalooza Bazaar
Socks: AliExpress
Shoes: Zara
The sun is shining a little now. Hopefully, the rain stops soon, but I'd like to keep the cold breeze please.  

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