Recipe: Pineapple Chicken

Looks like October will be a busy month for us. We started the month with a trip to Bicol. We just got back home and we're again without a yaya. Hopefully by next week another angel be sent our way. For now, Mila will have to stay with my mom. We still don't have an idea how we will manage the household chores, my blogging events, Hubs' extra work load, and all the other things we're suppose to do, but we will. In between driving Mila to and from her lola's place. 

One of the things I have to start doing again is to cook our meal. Our last yaya was a good cook and she took care our our foid. It's either I re learn how to cook quick and easy meals, or we have to rely again on buying from the carinderia. Problem with that is the menu can get old. Nakakasawa

Thanks to Facebook Memories, I got an addition to my menu. Facebook posted my Pineapple Chicken recipe I shared four years ago. Those were the times when I get to cook when I'm bored. The times when the market was just a few steps away from our place. So it's easy to buy ingredients when I feel like playing in the kitchen. 

I already forgot the story behind this recipe. Since I noted that the recipe was not copied from any recipe source, it may be one of my experiments. From the comments though, lookd like Hubs gave it a thumbs up so I will be cooking it again. Here's the recipe as per the Facebook post. 
"Marinated chicken in pineapple juice. Fried carrots. Sautéed garlic and onion. Add chicken. Add milk. Add rosemary, pepper, salt. Add pineapple juice and chunks. Simmer. Add carrots. Serve..." 

Marinated chicken in pineapple juice. Fried Carrots. Sauteed Garlic and Onion. Add chicken. Add milk. Add rosemary,...
Posted by Paulline Joy Flores on Sunday, 2 October 2011

Now that I know how to cook more dishes, I'd honestly say this looks just like the common pininyahang manok recipe, right? Maybe the rosemary was the twist that made me say it's mine? I really don't know. Keep in mind that this was from a post back in 2011. If you think this is just the tried and tested pininyahang manok from our grandparents' recipe books, or have found the recipe somewhere else, don't hesitate to call my attention so I can give proper credits. For those who would try cooking this Pineapple Chicken Recipe, share them to me by tagging @milastolemyheart in IG and Facebook. Enjoy!

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