Bonding at Res|Toe|Run Kids Rumble Yard

Having quality time with my daughter is getting rare. Last week, she had to stay with my mom since we don't have a new helper yet. It's a 30-minute drive from our house so we try to drop by either before or after work. We stay for a couple of hours just so we don't miss her much. During those short visits, she's either sleeping because it's her nap time, or we just watch TV in bed because mom & dad are too tired to play. I feel so guilty, I promised myself weekends will be spent bonding with her.

On Saturday, it was mom-and-daughter time. Because I just got off from work, I wanted a relaxed but still fun bonding time. We went to Robinson's Magnolia for the Res|Toe|Run Kids Rumble Yard. The Rumble Yard is a two-day long playground-themed event for kids and kids at heart. Res|Toe|Run’s kids brands set up fun and exciting booths for boys and girls to explore, create, and enjoy at the Rumble Yard.
We were one of the first few who tried out the booths. I think they just finished setting up when we got there. Our first stop was Print on Tips by Flossy. Mila got her nails painted glittery pink. The ladies were amazed because she knew the drill. Sanay na sanay daw. Since Mila does not want to play yet and risk ruining her polish, I got her a big pink flower headband from Faux Pas' Fancy Toppers booth. A few minutes after, Mila is ready to explore more. We got Body Doodle by Nike. Flowers on one arm, and the blog's logo on the other. It was inspired by the Rumble Yard logo being painted on the the hand of the girl beside us. DC Shoes had thrilling X-Box racing games and People Footwear had the exciting Buzz game that older kids and families enjoyed too. We wanted to make our own photo-worthy DIY Krispy Kreme donuts from Native's booth but the line was long and we skipped it.
I could not resists the amazing kids shoes displayed at the Rumble Yard, I wanted to get a pair for Mila. We were invited to check out the different matching pairs available in store. Since we had time before the program and games start, we went up to the 2nd floor to visit the Res|Toe|Run store. As part of the campaign to promote the kids line, Res|Toe|Run is running a #minime specialFor every purchase of kids shoes, get 20% off on adult shoes. What a good excuse to get myself a new pair of shoes too. 
It took us a while to pick our terno shoes but Mila was gung ho on trying out everything. There was a corner setup with toys and Mila played with other kids while I shop around. We may have tried a dozen different styles and colors. My first choice was Faux Pas flats because it's more my style but they don't carry Mila's size (smallest was 28 and Mila wears 23). I would have loved to collect all the cute Jams. We eventually narrowed it down to four choice.
#minime pair 1: DC Shoes
Mila: Toddler Rebound SE UniLite in Lilac/Black/Cupcake. 
Mommy: Youth Spartan High Shoe in Black/Turquoise. 

I love the hi-cut design and sporty look of these DC Shoes. Mila particularly liked the cupcake print on hers. It's super light weight and Mila had no trouble running around even if it's a little big for her. The pair I tried was the last hi-cut style that fits adult feet. Well, it's actually teen size but I got small feet.

#minime pair 2: People Footwear
Mila: The Senna Kids in Peachy Pink
Mommy; Senna in Peachy Pink

These are molded shoes that features an extra cushy Skylite™ EVA upper with vent channels and removable laces. I am in love with the color and it's simplicity. 

#minime pair 3: Flossy
Mila: Kids Plimsolls Pumps in Funkdeluxe 
Mommy: Women Plimsolls Pumps in Baby Pink

Flossy shoes do not only give soft comfort but also its signature bubble gum scent. The classic design can be paired with most of our outfits. Flossy Plimsolls are simple and sweet just like my daughter!

#minime pair 4: Native
Mila: Verona in Glass Green and Popstar Orange
Mommy: Jeferson in Yucca Blue/Pigeon Grey

It's lightweight and waterproof. Perfect for the beach, or even in the city where rain and flood can happen any minute. Native shoes are shock absorbent and odour resistant too. I've always loved Native because they seem to mold on my feet. Mila had fun choosing all the different designs too. We would have gotten the glow in the dark version but we saw it too late. The cool blue green shade of these pair though, irresistible!
More than just a go-to shoe store for the latest hard-to-find footwear selections, Res|Toe|Run seeks to offer the widest array of shoes for each member of the family. With its Kids collection in tow, Res|Toe|Run plates up a delectable footwear menu for just about everyone. We got our pair and had a quick 'little chef' pictorial in the 'restaurant' as per Mila's request. Really, it was her. She loved the chef hat I showed her and she insisted on me getting the 'big spoons' before I take her photo. 
Mila was still pumped up as we go back to the Rumble Yard activity area. We were just in time for the games. Dozens of little girls and boys eagerly lined up to participate. Even Mila was jumping, raising her hand, shouting "Yey! Me!" She may be small but her voice is big enough to join in on the fun! Everyone clearly had a great time.

We left with tired body, low energy, and happy hearts. Mila had a blast and I finally got to spend quality time with her. We even got matching shoes to use on our next bonding!

Oh, wondering which pair we got? I'll post our full #ootd on the blog soon. In the meantime, you can go to our Instagram page Mila Stole My Heart to find out what's the winning pair. Or comment below which one you wish we got. *wink*

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