Work Hazard

Almost a decade ago, when I started working in the BPO industry, my family and friends warned of the work hazards associated with night shifts. Not to mention the effects of working at night on my health. They said it's more dangerous for girls like me because there are just people with no good intentions that can easily over power my then flimsy built. I had lost a phone or two to pickpockets but I was never hurt. I take precautions as much as I can but I know there will be these work hazards I could not avoid.

One time, on my way home, I witnessed these two stories of work hazards:

Story 1: The Thief

I was on a jeepney on the way to Buendia LRT Station, from the Academy of Pastry and Bakery Arts school. We just passed Bautista St. when I noticed a woman running in panic from the other side of the street. Of course that got my attention. As the jeepney moved forward, I saw the woman's destination. In the corner of Buendia and Edison Streets, at least a dozen men who looked like (motorcycle) riders were hitting a man, now lying on the ground. Right at the moment a space cleared out to allow me to see the man's face, one of the men standing hit his head with a helmet. It was like slow motion. I saw the man's head bounced on the road and his eyes just closed in shock. He had no time to defend himself. There was blood all over his face. Then that space that allowed me to see him closed and I never found out the man's faith.

Just a few yards from where we're at, there was a police station and it looked like they had no idea what's happening. We figured out the man snatched the woman's cellphone. Motorists helped to catch him and turned him into a punching bag. I could not help but think of his family. He may had been 'working' for them but being caught is a work hazard he had not been able to avoid.

Story 2: The Electrician

I still had a long way home and could not keep the man's face off my mind. After an hour, I was just a short jeepney ride away from our house. Another passenger asked his companion what could the people outsode be looking at. I realized everyone has their face turned in one direction. "May shooting ba?" "Baka may sunog." We were guessing. Then a tricycle blocked the road and parked in front of an open gate. This was were everyone was looking at. I was sitting shotgun and I saw 3 men carrying another man into the tricycle. He had bad burns all over his body. His clothes were tattered. He had been electrocuted. He is conscious but obviously in shock. They sped off and I just prayed he gets healed well. 

We got news that he was working on one of the constructions in that gated compound. The man was working alone and no one realized something had happened until minutes after he had fallen. This person, trying to earn an honest living, had been caught in a work hazard. I wonder if he ever gets back to work again. 

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