Picnic With Mila At Mott's Apple Juice Summer Fun Day

Everyday, Mila would "cook" for me her specialty, broccoli and rice and we will eat it will cake and apple juice. It's one of her favorite bonding with mommy. After so many afternoons of pretend picnic, Mila and I finally had our first ever sort-of-real outdoors picnic and it will not be the last.

It's been a while since I last attended a blogging event and I was happy when I got an invite to join the Mott's 100% Apple Juice Summer Fun Family Day held at BGC High street. To be honest, we went in there not knowing what to expect. It was more of an excuse for me to spend more time with Mila outdoors.

Mila fell sleep during the ride to the venue so she was a little cranky when I had to wake her up. But there's no bad mood that ice cream and face painting could not fix. The heat of the sun was bearable. Thanks to the unlimited supply of Mott's Apple Juice and treats made from it too to refresh us.
I wanted us to seat at the bloggers' table with other blogger friends but Mila had another plan. She had a a mini tantrum because she wanted to stay on the picnic blankets, even if we get toasted under the sun. Mila hates direct sunlight but it didn't matter, she was having a blast.
Of course, there's lots of selfies from the two of us. We got tired of eating pretend food after a while so we went back to the bloggers' tent to fill up on Mott's Apple snacks. We were right in time because it was time for games. As usual, Mila cried when she say the mascot so we stayed away from the stage and were not able to join some games. She just played with ate Rylee (hi Lally!). Still, us competitive mommies did not leave without winning a game or two.
The event was open for the public. There were lots of games and challenges the whole family could join in. Mila stayed at the ball pit most of the time. She got her hands to some paint too, then she was back again at the ball pit, making noise with her maracas as she sings on her own.
It was such a tiring, happy, fulfilling day. Thanks to Mott's Apple Juice, my daughter and I had a chance to go on an outdoor picnic together. Planning on the next one soon!

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