What am I Doing?

milkmonsterbaby woke up crying. had to sing her lullabies and read a story before she gets knocked out again. now i'm the one who cannot go back to sleep. 

At 4am, I'm wide awake with a million things to do. All of them I've decided could wait when the sun is up.. or when the sun is about to set.. maybe.

Now I find myself starting this blog/diary/album of sorts. I've never been a good writer. I find it hard to express myself through words. So let that be a warning. You may find me boring, senseless, shallow, or incoherent. I decided, i'll just let it all out and write for myself.

For a quick intro, I'm 29 and a first time mom. I work a full time corporate job but I know my career is at home - being the best mommy ever. I've never thought how much a little girl can fill my heart full of emotions. She is really the main reason why i had been contemplating on starting up a blog. I need a place to put all that overflowing awesomeness she brings to our life. That means tons and tons of stories and pictures all about my little milkmonsterbaby Mila Alessandra.

Whatever I put in here, I know it's something I want my daughter to see and read someday. I know we will have our ups and downs. She may even hate me for not being a cool mom. Hopefully, she'll have this to look back on and see how much she is my life.

♥ Paulline ♥