An Open Letter For The Girl Who Stole My Heart (part 1 of 3)

Dear Mila Alessandra,

The past twelve months (and a little more before that) had been a great journey for me. A journey i never knew I will be taking until you came. And there's no looking back.

December 2012: It's Christmas Season and mom can't help but party. I was out drinking with dad and friends almost every week (i was a fun girl, believe it or not) . I didn't know you were already with us by then so I apologise if I got you drunk a little. Dad felt your presence way before I did. And by Dec 30, we finally confirmed that we will have an angel. Its needless to say the whole family was overjoyed.

Mom all dressed up to party. We didn't know you were already inside mommy's tummy. 

December is mom's birthday month. So we had to party a lot. I guess my glow was from you. 

I was home alone when I had the test. I was crying crazy the moment I saw those two lines

The  announcement we posted on Facebook and Instagram. 

March 2013: You gave me the biggest scare of my life. I thought we will loose you. Then you proved to be the strong baby that you are. That actually kicked me awake and realized that I am not the partying, working girl anymore. I am a mother who needs to focus on her little girl. Oh yeah, this was when we found out we'll be having a princess. I would be honest and will tell you I wished for a boy. I have since realized girls are a lot more fun. Remember all the times we played dress up and rallied against dad? FUN!

Let's not do this again, ever. 

July 2013: Because everyone was so excited to meet you, we decided we have to have a baby shower. That was the first of many parties mom will organize for you. You got tons of gifts. I knew you felt all the love from your Titos and Titas. Everyone wrote you a note that I'd give you when you start reading already. Mom and Dad couldn't be happier.

I bet you'd love reading these 

You were already spoiled even before you came out. 

August 2013: You were such a nice camper inside mom's tummy, you barely gave me trouble. Maybe a couple of months when I hated the smell of Basil so I couldn't cook dad's favorite pasta. A few weeks of morning sickness, but nothing mom can't handle. You were scheduled to come out August 27. Our last visit to the doctor was the 13th. She said it'll be at least one more week. It was our 38th week together.

Look how big mom's tummy was

August 14, 2013: I had been staying home for a week now. Mom had to take her leave from work early because you are getting too heavy and mom was too lazy. The whole day, I was watching a marathon of Breaking Bad (remind me that we'll watch this together when you are 18). My back started to hurt from hours of sitting with bad posture. It lasted for hours, past midnight. I took a bath, lay on the bed, took a dump, went up and down the stairs. The contraction was getting stronger and I didn't want to risk it. I called Dad at work and told him Tita Paullette and I will go to the hospital. No need to worry since I bet I will be sent home after the checkup. I was still calm and thinking twice about going. I didn't think you were ready yet since there was none of the signs I've read that signals I'm in labor: water did not break, no blood, no mind numbing pain. I was a cool potato. You were such a nice girl. Dad was too worried though and on panic mode. He was home in 5 minutes and insisted it was time to go to the ER.

To be continued...

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