1st Studio Photo Shoot Session at Nice Print Photography

We have thousands of Mila's pictures on file. Most of them, I was able to sort into folders of "for printing",  "for editing", and "for keeping". More than half of it, I still haven't managed to really take a look at and it falls on the "backup" folder.

A few weeks before Mila turned one, I was trying to choose a few photos I want to include in the tarpaulin. What I thought was a 30-minute project turned out to be a thousand times longer. There was just too many to choose from. And each picture brings out memories that makes me stop and smile, then I'd end up just wanting to play with Mila. Job was never done.

We were pressed for time and Hubs suggested to just have a Pre-Birthday Photoshoot. I wouldn't say no to more chances of dressing up my doll so it's a yes. I wanted a professional photographer to do this so it stands out among my pedestrian shots. It was just a matter of having the money for it since I really did not put that on our birthday budget.

I was lucky to find a Groupon deal for Nice Print Photography. The company is very popular with celebrity weddings so I felt we will have a very "sosyal" photoshoot. It was a surprise for me that their rate is very reasonable, even without the voucher.

We chose the SM North studio since it is closer to church and we can go after the service. Ryan was our photographer. He was very nice and patient. Mila was really not as cooperative as I've hoped for. She's on that phase when mommy is her only friend and all the rest are there to take mommy away. I never expected how tiring it is to convince Mila to smile. That 1 hour of photo shoot drained my energy and I was dead tired by the time we took the last shot.

There was 3 setups and 4.5 outfit changes. There were 4 more outfits we brought that we did not get to use. I wanted to have a RainBOW theme to fit Mila's birthday party. I changed my mind and decided to just let Ryan take control of the creatives. 

It was late already when we finished so we decided to just email the studio our 6 favorite shots that they will print out as part of the package. They gave us a CD with all the raw copies so we can pick the one we want. We were too excited, we immediately worked on it the moment we got home. At least we only had to pick from about 200 pictures this time. It still took us a few hours because we loved them all. Nonetheless, we emailed our choices that same night and put it off our minds until a week after when we can pick up the framed print outs.

This is when we felt the service was lacking. The receptionist at that time was Janice. She gave us her email so we can send her our pick. We even made a test email when we were there to make sure we got the right address. When we went back 10 days later (more than the lead time they requested), Janice was not there. Ryan said there was no email from us. So after more than 1 week, there's no edited pictures yet. I was getting agitated because the party will be in 10 days. I needed those pics sent to the printers for the tarp. The receptionist at the time suggested to just email it to her and Ryan will process same day and they can just email it to me. But the print outs will have to wait another week. It was a quick recovery for them but I did not leave without making a couple of points. First, they should have reached out to me when they haven't received an email from me. I showed them the email I sent and confirmed I had the right email with the time stamp so there should not be an excuse. Second, they should not expect me to wait another week and drive from Pasay to Quezon City just because they did not deliver on time. We compromised by making it available for pickup sooner and I had sister Paola who works in the area pick it up for me. I would like to point out that this boo boo maybe on Janice' shortcoming rather than the whole studio.

With that said, we still got the photos and we cannot be happier. We ended up just using them on the candy table at the party and a few got taken home for souvenir. Other family members and friends are still requesting some framed photo from that shoot as a gift. As if they don't get enough of Mila on social media. Haha.

Let me share our favorites some of our favorites. I personally love the candid, funny faces.

pink bow
Fierce Look
pink bow
Great Smile
pink bow
Blowing Kisses
pink bow
"Please don't leave, Mom"
Those pretty little eyes
"Are we done yet? I still have an appointment"
Chef Costume
Crazy little girt. "Mom, this is not corn. I'm so disappointed. I can't cook with these."

Chef Costume
One of the favorites
Mermaid Costume
Little Mermaid lost her hair

Mermaid Costume
It's a wrap!

Nice Print Photography
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/niceprintphotographyexigeweddings

"Nice Print is Known for providing photography services for many celebrity weddings, including Zoren and Carmina’s surprise wedding, Ogie and Regine’s unconventional wedding, and John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles’ beach wedding. They are also the team behind many celebrity kiddie parties including those of Pacquiao’s kids, Doug Kramer and Chesca Garcia’s as well as Andi Eigenmann’s baby, Ellie" (and now, Mila Alessandra too)

Groupon Voucher Details:
I paid P1899 instead of P3950 (this is not a sponsored post)
1-hour photo shoot for infant/child, maternity, couple or family (maximum of 5 members)
You will get:
  • 6 copies of 2R (3 shots, 2 prints each)
  • 6 copies of 3R (3 shots, 2 prints each)
  • 2 Copies of 5R (1 shot)
  • 1 Frame 11x14 in size (1 shot)
  • 1 CD with all soft copy shots including 5 enhanced shots
The deal already ended but you can always preorder since I think they have this promo at least yearly.

Which ones are you favorite?

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