Sick Mila Is Not All Gloomy

The previous post was a bit too emotional. That's what you get from a sleep-deprived, clueless mom, trying to balance career and family. That night, I went home during my 1 hour lunch break. That was just enough time to give Mila her medicine and breastfeed for a few minutes. I had to leave before she's back to sleep, but I left her happy albeit still burning up. I'm appreciating now how close my work is from home. I asked for a 2 day leave so I can take care of the little girl. I'm claiming that by Thursday, Mila is A-Ok. I tell her we still have Halloween parties to go to and Dad's friends want to meet her soon.

Mila is doing a lot better as of last night. No more fever but her cough gives her the hardest time. She vomits during the worst fit. I think that's ok since she's able to get all the phlegm out. I just make sure she eats a lot and my milk supply is up. She loves water and askes for it all the time so dehydration is not a problem. 

Sick Mila is not all gloomy. We even get to play dress up again. At 5 am earlier, I woke her up for another dose of her medicine. Then I saw Hubs' Viber message asking for a photo of Mila's baptism gown to show a potential buyer. When Mila saw me hanging the gown so I can take a picture, she couldn't stop doing her excited, crazy shout and her eyes are glowing with delight. Oh, my fashionista baby. She already knows clothes. I'm not sure if I'll be happy or worried. I know Hubs wallet is panicking already.

So after a couple of quick shots to send to Hubs, it's mom's Mila's time to play!

CoKid Lab's Playgroup - More Than Just Play

We stay in a neighborhood where kids shouts expletives like it's a prayer. Needless to say, I don't want Mila exposed to that kind of language and behaviour. That's why we don't go out of the house often. Play dates are mostly with adults or we have to wait for weeks before we can visit cousins who are actually still babies younger than her. This made Mila somewhat shy and I'm not even sure how she would interact with other kids. When teacher Karen of CoKid Lab posted an invite on Mommy Bloggers Philippines, I grabbed the chance to sign up for a trial Playgroup. I thought it will be a chance to test the water before getting Mila enrolled on any class or setup play dates.

What is CoKid?
"CoKid is an organization devoted to serving the Filipino children through seminars, workshops, and tutorials focusing on innovation in progressive education and child development. aims to inspire teachers, parents and anyone working with children to think beyond traditional boundaries, lead conversations, and create the future of child development."
As what is posted in CoKid.Org, the organization focuses on innovative, out of the box activities that will engage kids for a fun learning. They offer center or home-based tutorials, playgroups, and seminars & workshops for teachers and parents. They also offer unique party packages that the teachers facilitate to make learning part of the celebration.

The CoKid Lab's Playgroup we attended is a home-based weekly program available for toddlers (1-2yo), juniors (3-4yo), or seniors (5-6yo). The 1.5 hour-long class can be as intimate as 2 students, and runs for 4 or 8 weeks

For more information, you can visit their website 

Our Experience

It was a short notice when we went to Makati for our scheduled trial Playgroup. There, we met Teacher Karen and Teacher Pat. Within that one hour session, I realized one thing. CoKid is not the "daycare" nor any regular playschool I was expecting. 

We were at least 15 minutes early and Mila got to explore the center by herself. When I say explore, she really did walk from one end of the room to the other, covering the whole floor. She got to play with the pens, books, blocks, and other toys already waiting for those little hands. I think that helped her get a good feel of the new surrounding without the fear of other kids interfering.

Teacher Karen was very engaging and looks so sweet. She even got my snobbish Mila to like her. Mila got to play with 2 boys, a 3 years old sweet boy and a 13 month old future basketball player (at the same age, he is a head taller than Mila). We sang, danced, read books and practice writing on the wall. Oh, Mila did not do much of those. She was on supervisor mode. She just really walked and walked and walked. She kept going back to the book shelf and check out each book with ducks on them. But I see the curiosity in her eyes and I know she is just trying to observe. That's just Mila when presented with new things. She did the dance a couple of hours later when we were home and I played the same song. Teacher Karen never forced Mila to sit still or join in. She sometimes calls Mila's attention by calling her name with a smile. Mila will just stop, smile back, and off she goes again. 

Teacher Pat showed us how to play with colander and fuzzy wires. It was very simple but the 3 toddlers loved them. I actually had bought fuzzy wires that we play with at home too. Mila loved lessons on colors, including the big Crayola felt sticks. Then we had craft time which is my favorite. It was the first time I had craft time with Mila and I enjoyed a lot. Maybe more than the little girl. 

With Teacher Karen
With Teacher Pat 
Mila loves the fuzzy wires 
Match the Color with Mom and Teacher Karen 
Craft time!  
Mila's favorite corner : the book shelf 
Write. Run. Repeat.

I can see how different lessons are incorporated on each activity. We learned colors, movements, texture, new song and dance to develop motor skills. Story time had kids learning about animals, their sounds and colors too. It was all play for the kids and the whole 1 hour passed by so quickly. Mila didn't even felt the need to stop supervising. 

We are planning on signing up for a full term class, if only to get Mila to have a regular play date. Hopefully, we'd get our work schedule settled and have Nanay Dina fully trained soon so we can attend our CoKid Lab's Playgroup. 

I Want to Cry Now

Going to Work vs Staying at Home

I think this will be the first time I’m going to cry at work.

Mila is sick. This morning, she started coughing and was feverish. She had runny nose for the past few days but never thought of it much. I knew she is really sick when she wouldn’t “walk the runway” with me. She just wants sit down play. It’s her scheduled visit to her pediatrician in the afternoon so I was not too worried. Instead of vaccine for chickenpox, she was given some medicine for her cough and colds – Alnix Plus Syrup and Himox Suspension. Now I’m worried.

This is the first time I’m going to give Mila medicine aside from Paracetamol (for occasional fever due to teething or after her immunization). When I heard Amoxicillin, I panicked inside. Why would she need antibiotic? Is it really that bad? I know she had runny nose for a while but her doctor said it’s ok for 3 to 5 days as long as her nose is not congested. She was just so happy and extremely energetic yesterday. Did I not take care of her well enough? We’ve been taking our vitamins and doubled the dose of her Vitamin C (though fruits mostly) the moment her cold started. I wanted to ask why the antibiotic but I was just too stunned. I also don’t want Hubs to hear me asking. I told him before that when I worry about Mila’s health, then it’s really time to panic. He worries enough for the two of us.  I don’t want him to panic yet.

I told myself this is for precaution, to catch it before it gets worse. I just need to relax. We got home and Mila is just fine. Not great but better. Both Hubs and I cannot miss work tonight so I called my mom and she asked my sister to stay home with Mila and Nanay Dina. That made me feel a little better since Paullete had been with Mila through a few feverish nights so she can take control. I really don’t want to leave Mila alone with just her yaya. Nanay Digna has 4 kids already, the youngest is 14 years old so she had been through this. She should be able to take care of Mila if the fever comes back. She should be able to sing Mila to sleep if she wakes up coughing. She should be able to give Mila her medicine on time. She should be able to do so but I’m not sure she can. I’m not sure she will be able to remember the right dosage. I’m not sure she can remember how to use the electronic thermometer. I’m not sure she knows when and how to contact us for emergency.  I’m not sure is not good enough. So Paullete needed to be there. But she’s not.

We went to work with a heavy heart but I know my sister will be home soon to look after Mila. Or so I thought. As soon as I’m at work, I got a message that Nanay Digna will have to take care of Mila by herself tonight. I cannot just leave now since I’m already here at work. The best I can do is wait until my lunch break to check up on them. My heart is breaking because I cannot check up on Mila anytime. I want to leave work immediately but there are reasons I cannot. I know this is a decision I am making. To stay. But it is not an easy decision. I may be over reacting. I may be thinking the worst for nothing. Mila may be sound asleep and everything is ok. But I am a mother and I want to be able to take care of my daughter. She needs my hug and kiss more than anything else. I need her hug and kiss to make me feel better. I wish I can be with Mila.

I am worried sick.

I want to go home now.

I want to cry. 

Easy-palit with #HuggiesPantsUp

Remember when I won some shopping credits for Cudsly and I bought Mila her 2 weeks supply of Huggies Dry? Well, it had ran out and I knew it was time for a change. It's not working for us anymore.

We had been using the same brand since birth. Yeah, we tried to switch a couple of times but only Huggies Dry worked for Mila. It keeps Mila dry all night. She is a heavy sleeper and no leaks even after 8 hours of sleep. It does not get soggy so she feels comfortable wearing it. More importantly, no rashes.

Huggies fan! 
Got to stock up with a big delivery 

Then Mila started running around. I now got a wiggly giggly girl who just can't sit still. Sometimes, she gets so intrigued by the diaper tapes, she keeps pulling on it until it's not sticky anymore and we have to change her unwet diapers. Changing her diapers is a struggle. Just imagine my 57 year old yaya Nanay Dina trying to hold down this uber active girl. Impossible.

Let me tell you two tricks Mila had been delighting us with recently: tumbling and putting on her own jammies. Everytime we lie her down to put on her diapy, she takes it as a cue for gymnastics time. Tumbling, roll over, wiggle and shake, you got the idea. On moments when I am just too tired, I just let her go commando. Then one time, I saw her trying to put on her jammies. One foot in, another foot follows. And she keeps doing that for skirts, shorts, and panties.

This is when I knew it's time to switch to HUGGIES DRY PANTS. Huggies Dry Pants still has the same great quality we're used to with Huggies Diapers. In addition, it has an elastic waistband that makes it easier to put on Mila. It just feels like her regular panties so no fighting during diaper changes anymore. She actually loves the chance to show off her new pants-wearing skills. Mila can also tumbling all day and I know we're safe. The waistband is sturdy enough that it can withstand all the pull and stretch this toddler can do. No more tapes so no more unnecessary changes. More savings for me!

Easy Palit is really possible with #HuggiesPantsUp. One STEP, two STEP, pants UP! Done in 3 seconds. You too can experience hassle-free diaper change up. Get your Free Huggies Dry Pants here.

Once you've got your baby feeling comfortably dry with the Huggies Dry Pants, it's time to 
show off your baby's dance moves and get a chance to win 1 year's supply of Huggies Dry Pants. Just take a video of your baby dancing to the Huggies' "Step Up" Jingle then go to Huggies PH Facebook Page to join.

Nuffnang Philipines has a special contest for Nuffnagers too. Year-Long supply of Huggies Dry Pants Plus Overnight Hotel Accomodations for 2 + Spa Gift Certificates are up for grabs. Click here for full mechanics. Mom and Dad gets to have fun too! So Nuffies better sign up!

Well of course we are joining! Mila definitely know how to bust a move. We want to continue our Easy-palit moments with #HuggiesPantsUp. See Mila's kulit moves in Instagram and please vote for us!

Thankful Thursday: Giving Back [Giveaway]

I know it's only Wednesday but let me do a very early Thankful Thursday post. I got a lot to be thankful for and I'm also excited to share some of the blessing.

I may have been complaining about Nanay Dina and her little mishaps but I decided to look at it positively. My newsfeed is filled with laments on how hard it is to find any yaya at all. We had been fortunate to get one right after the other. I remember our landlady's mother telling me that they always call their house helps their Angel. Well, they are. And God knows that Mila needs an Angel with her when Mom and Dad needs to work. Nanay Dina may not know much yet around the house, but she takes good care of Mila. I know I can also learn a lot from her about patience and humility. I just need to open up myself to her. So thank you for Nanay Dina

Thank you also for new opportunities. Hubs was given the chance to go to Bacolod for work. It is a chance for him to learn new skills and have new experiences. Maybe he can use that to get promoted? Wishful thinking but not far-fetched. I just wish Mila and I could go with him. I'm claiming his safe return so thank you God for that too.

Before Hubs left, we made sure we had the best bonding ever. I'm yet to make a full post regarding our first Halloween Party with Mommy Bloggers Philippines but let me tell you this now: it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. So awesome that I got two bags full of loots, thanks to the generous sponsors. (Promise, you'll hear all about it soon)

As I always say, the best way to say thank you is to pay it forward. This post is about giving back, so I will share some of the goodies we got from the party.

There will be a total of 3 winners:

1 winner gets Bonakid Pre-School Milk

 1 winner gets Sansfluo Toothgel and ToothBrush


   1 winner gets Celeteque Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

All you need to do is follow the Giveaway Tool widget at the bottom. Really, you're only required to comment your name and email on this posts so I know how to contact you if you win. That simple. This is open until Oct 30, Thursday, and winners will be announced the same day (so my Thankful Thursday title is still valid, LOL). Winners will be notified by email. Failure to reply within 5 days means the prize is forfeited and I will draw another winner. Prizes will be shipped within one week after contest closed. You can join for yourself or share the items to someone who will appreciate it. It'll be cool to give back too!



BONAKID PRE-SCHOOL: Louella Villanueva
SANSFLUO PACK: Jomalyn Eslava

Email had been sent to the winners. Will wait to hear back within 5 days. I'll pick another winner if no email reply within that period. 

Thanks for joining! 

Tips on Choosing A Costume For Your Toddler

Baby Playboy Bunny

Last Satuday was our first Halloween Costume Party. Remeber how excited I was, I even shared a preview of Mila's costumes? Well, I was an epic fail! It was supposed to be a kissing booth. Something like this:
Our Pinterest inspiration

We had been practicing walking the "runway" for a few days. Mila loved it. Until it's party time. A few hours before we left to go to Fun Ranch for the Mommy Bloggers Philippines' Halloween Party, Mila was cranky and would not do the final dress rehearsal (yup, I'm a stage mom in the making). Mommy foresight kicked in and I decided to do a quick run for a backup outfit. Boy did that pay out! 

Kissing Booth Costume
During one of our rehearsals
Kissing Booth Costume
Just missing the kiss marks

We ended up with Plan B - The Cutest Playboy Bunny. We had the tuxedo swimsuit for a while. I just threw it in with black leggings and the hot off the store bunny ears, bows, and furry tail. Tadaa! Instant costume. Not the most creative but Mila had fun and that's really all that matters. 

The Cute Bunny lookinh all smug on stage like she's the biggest kid there.
Baby Playboy Bunny
Off she goes running

So as a newbie costume-party goer, here's a few lessons I've learned and my Tips on Choosing a Costume For Your Toddler:  

1. Dress age appropriately. The Kissing Booth costume may be better suited for older kids, maybe 5 or 6. Younger kids should not have anything that will pose as choking hazard. It's better if they know their character so they can relate with it. 

2. Dress for comfort and movement. I'm still not used to Mila being so active and social. I thought she will just be standing around or holding my hands walking. Na-ah. She needed to run around and roam around the whole venue to say hi to all the kids. Only her Playboy Bunny costume allowed her free movement. 

3. Have a backup plan. As with anything these days, there should always be plans A to Z. One minute, she'd like to be Elsa. Maybe a Monster an hour later. There could also be "accidents" even before the costume parade judging. Stinky Skunks are no fun. (Side story: Mila peed on the table as I took off her diapers to change. Just that few seconds gap and she couldn't wait. It's lucky there's table cloth. Otherwise, Mommy Glaiza whom we shared our table with might be drenched in pee too. Oh, and Dad panicked and used the table napkins to wipe Mila dry.) 

4. Costumes do not need to cost a lot. Do-it-yourself costumes can cut on the cost. Gives you control on materials too. You can also source existing items in the closet to repurpose. Just needs a lot of imagination. Don't forget to accessorize. 

5. Have fun. You and your baby should have the best time dressing up. Again,  that's all that matters. 

We got 2 more parties to go. I need to go back on the drawing board. In the meantime, here's one more inspiration from Miss Mila. 

Biker Rocker Chic
Just add some accessories and she can be a rocker or a biker chic.

Please share your Toddler's Halloween costume too. 😉

Treat Yourself Halloween Giveaway

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Tomato Pasta with Basil and Longganisa Meatballs

Today is another training day for Nanay Dina. Mila had been feverish and cranky the whole night because of another tooth bursting. She's feeling alot better today and really active which is a relief. As part of Nanay's training, she needs to spend the whole day with Mila so the little get will get used to her care. Hubs and I will have to "hide" upstairs because everytime she sees us, she starts crying as if she's being tortured. Otherwise, she's as behaved as I can ask for.

Because of the long night, I'm feeling a little lazy. I'm also confined in the bedroom so I started browsing through my Pray. Eat. Love. album. The title stands for "I Pray that they Eat my food and Love it". Haha. I think my first photo there was back in 2010 when I started learning how to cook.

I've noticed that out of all the food pics in the album, it's the Tomato Pasta with Basil and Longanisa Meatball that had the most comment and had been requested multiple times. It's my take on Jamie Oliver's recipe from his old show Jamie at Home. I love simple recipes and the meatball trick made this my go to pasta.

Mila is 14

Mila at 1 and 2

Oh wow! It's been two months since Mila's first birthday. What happened to those 8 weeks? I feel like it was just a second ago and I haven't done anything. Yet it feels too long ago too because of all the things that happened. So what's new with Mila?

Hey, she got to say Mommy. Maybe once? Twice? I'll take it. She yells MA! When she gets frustrated. I guess that means she still relies to me to attend to her needs. Daddy is her go to word when she is happy and excited. Yeah, Dad means fun.

When I don't like what she's doing, all I do is look at her intently or say "what did Mommy tell you?". She would either stop and look for other things to do or, most of the time, she'd come up to me and smooth the creases on my brows and kiss me endlessly. Or more accurately, bite my nose.

Duckies remain to be the favorite animal/toy. She can recognize them well, on any form. Mila yells with delight when she sees ducky merchandise on store shelves. She sometimes do that with monkeys too. Loud dogs scare her but loves to touch the little ones. Cats on the street would cause her to pause and stare. I think it's time for a trip to the zoo real soon.

This tiny little girl has great appetite. She can finish off a big slice of cheesecake if I allow her to. She knows how to ask for more and often requests for snacks. Yup, she learned how to sign More, Eat, Drink, Please, and All Done that same night I went home from attending the Baby Sign Language and Understanding Your Toddler Workshop. Proud mom here. We also skipped the sippy cups. Since I read that those cups do not do anything for baby's development and can cause more harm, we decided the spills can be dealt with. We went from boobs to bottle to adult cups. We're working on using the spoon now. Maybe in a month or so, we'll have less mess.

Mila decided she will develop her motor skills first before her language. She can walk a couple of blocks to buy breakfast with me. When we get home, it's "runway" time. That's when we walk back and forth across our tiny apartment while looking at ourselves on the mirror. She won't let me sit down as long as she is still in the mood to walk. That's my daily exercise and boy do I sweat a lot. Like with any kid at the park, when Mila gets tired, she stops to get a drink. Other kids go to the water fountain. Mila reaches out to me for booby milk. Yup, I'm still a milk factory to this 14 month old milk monster. I'm gonna miss this when she starts weaning.

Hay, how can I slow down time?

Mila at 2 months, 1 year ago.

The Inevitable Yaya Tale Featuring Nanay Dina

Nanny Stories, Yaya

We are training a new yaya - Nanay Dina. For the past 3 helpers we had, they really don't have much experience with kids, just pure love for Mila. So my husband required the new yaya to know a lot about toddlers, specially since Mila is growing up too fast. We wanted someone who has kids too so she'd have the patience only a mother has. Well, we got one. Thank you God.

I knew we can't get all that we wished for. With Nanay Dina, I feel like there will be tons of yaya tales flooding this page. She is 57 years old and had no electricity at home. They have pump for water and uses coal for cooking. Really old school. Her first task was to cook rice. I showed her how to turn on the stove. Easy Peesy. She just needed to wait for it to get done. I went upstairs and had our morning nap. I woke up to the smell of burning rice. Apparently, I didn't show her how to turn off the stove. So she was just there staring at it, trying to figure out what to do, waiting for me to wake up. Hay, I guess that was my bad?

I can only pray that she will be good to Mila.

#milaOOTD: Almost

Morning Selfie

Good Morning! Another weekend gone by so quick. We had been so tired the past week, our Saturday and Sunday was just spent catching up on our much needed sleep.

If you've noticed, we have no #milaOOTD post for the last few weeks. We still dress up almost everyday. But Mila had been so active, we can't  take a good pictures anymore. I need to learn new bribes to keep her still, specially since my assistant Ate Joy is not here to help anymore. 

Let me show you some of our recent ALMOST OOTD Shots

1. Running Away 2. Grabbing the Cam or 3. Just doesn't care

Register for Free at Gymboree Sta. Rosa’s Pumpkin Patch Party

Greenfield City hosts Children’s Pumpkin Patch Craft, Parachute Event and Costume Parade. Featuring prizes for voted best costume!

Santa Rosa City, Laguna – Prior to its grand launching in November 2014, Gymboree Sta. Rosa will give children 1-5 years old a taste of how fun Gymboree Play & Music is!

On October 26 (Sunday), Gymboree Play & Music will offer a hands-on Pumpkin Patch Halloween project and costume parade for kids and parents at Laguna Central and at Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Guided by Gymboree Play & Music instructors, children will create crafts to take home, as well as sing songs and participate in a fun “Parachute Time activity.”

Session times are at 3:30 p.m. (Laguna Central Atrium) and at 5 p.m. (Paseo de Sta. Rosa 4). These activities are FREE OF CHARGE, but slots are limited. Space is first come first served, and each child must be accompanied by an adult.

Prizes will be given for kids with the best costumes!

For further information about the event, please visit us online at or call (049) 576-0595.

See you there!!!

*This is PR material and words used are not mine

10 DIY Halloween Costumes for My Toddler

In a few more days, Mila will finally attend her first costume party: The Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party. You know how much I love dressing her up right? I would not pass on this chance to put together the cutest outfit for my little doll. Even if Halloween is not a real holiday in the Philippines, a lot of parents now are really making an effort to pick the best costume for their little one. I will be one of them.

I had a blast when I made Mila's Skeleton outfit last year. Since then, I decided to DIY all of Mila's Halloween costumes. Nothing wrong with the store bought ones. I just love how it challenges my creativity. May it be simple or extravagant, a win or a fail, I know I'd feel better knowing that she'll be unique. Oh, I am not a designer nor an artist. I still need inspirations and how-to's. Pinterest had been my friend as of late.

Out of a gazillion pin-worthy costumes, I listed the ones I think I can make and will be cute for Mila. Some of them has step-by-step instructions, thanks to the wonderful creative mommas sharing their talents (just follow the link). Maybe you can find inspiration for your little one too. 

Oompa Loompa
by: You Are My Licorice

Oompa Loompa

No Sew Cupcake

No Sew Cupcake

Baby Fish

Baby Fish

Gumball Machine

Gumball Machine



Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's

Audrey Hepburn

Baby Gnome
by: Woloshankshire

Baby Gnome

Ghost Tutu
by: Pumpkin Baby Designs on Etsy

Ghost Tutu

Rocket Jet Pack
by: Doodle Craft Blog

Rocket Jet Pack

Burst of Sunshine
by: Prudent Baby

Burst of Sunshine

We have at least 2 parties to attend this year. Here's a preview of one of the costumes I'm making for Mila. Can you guess what it'll be?

Costume fitting. What will Mila be? Clue: Found on school fairs. ;) 

I haven't decided on the second or third. I may pick from the above list since the first one is not on the ten I listed. Or maybe an inspiration will come and I'll make a my own DIY Halloween costume again. What do you think?

Disclaimer: All photos on this post are not mine, except for the ones watermarked with the blog's logo. Credits to the owner. If you are the owner and feels that I am violating your copyright, please reach out to me via email and I will remove the said photo. Thank you!