Our not so Little Bedspacer

Bedtime reminds me how much Mila had grown. At 15 months, this princess still co-sleeps with mom and dad on a queen-sized bed. From a tiny little speck in our bed, she now owns the whole space. Our little bedspacer is not so little anymore.

Even before Mila was born, we made a decision she will sleep on the bed with us. I wanted to practice attachment parenting. I grew up sleeping in the same room with my parents, all three of us sisters. We still do that now when we visit. I want Mila to be comfortable like that with us too.

As a paranoid new mom, I didn't feel I could sleep without being able to check up on her every minute. Neither do I want to have to stand up every time she needs to feed. That will be a disaster in the making because I'm known to go crazy if I lack sleep.
First Years Close and  Secure Sleeper
This was perfect and I felt sleeping next to Mila until she outgrew it.
I got a sleeper bed to make sure the itsy bitsy human being doesn't get crushed. Well, that worked for about a month. She quickly outgrew it because she only wants to snuggle under my arms - on my armpit to be exact. To keep us in check and for safety and comfort, we defined her space on the bed with some thin foam and blankets. Uhm, that worked just for another month. The little girl is a mover!

All Stretched
one month young Mila
Wiggly Burrito
wiggly little burrito
Hubs had been asking me to get Mila her own bed. He said he wants to kick Mila off the bed because Mila kicks him off the bed. She sleeps deeply when we are on H-position. Her head closer to mine and her feet touching dad, nudging him once a while. That sends her dad at the edge of the bed for sure. 
Scoot Over Dad
Scoot over dad!
We don't have space for her own room yet so we were thinking of having a cute little toddler bed right across ours just so she can feel it's her own. I'm still undecided. I will miss cuddling with her, playing with her hands as she sleeps soundly next to me. I will miss waking up to the intoxicating smell of my baby. I'm not ready to let go yet. Maybe another year?

How about you? When did your baby get his or her own bed?


  1. Naku! I can't imagine not sleeping with Skye. :( Although as early as now, we already feel cramped on the bed. I can't believe how much space she occupies! Eh ang liit liit nya.

  2. Imagine sleeping with Gab who is very long and turns in the whole bed as he sleeps! We do not own the bed now. Outside the kulambo ang mommy and daddy!

  3. Paulline @ milastolemyheartDecember 17, 2014 at 10:25 PM

    They own everything now! Hehe!

  4. Paulline @ milastolemyheartDecember 17, 2014 at 10:25 PM

    But it's so hard to let go no?


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