Baked Donuts from Pan de Manila

Pan de Donut
Pandesal + Donut + All Pinoy Flavors = Happy Mila = Happy Mom
I really love Pan de Manila's Hot Pandesal and used to have them daily right after I get off work in the morning. It's been more than a year since I was able to visit a Pan de Manila store since there was no store near our place in Pasay. .

When we moved to Quezon City last January (oh, this reminds me I haven't shared that story yet), I can't be too happy that my jeepney drop off is a few steps from the Pan de Manila branch in Mindanao Avenue. I can get my pandesal daily again! On my first visit, instead of pandesal, I got enticed by the Pan de Donuts displayed on the counter. Baked-Not-Fried, it says. I noticed too the Pinoy flavors they have and I could not resist anymore. Nevermind that I'll be eating sweets for breakfast. Life's too short not to! :)
The aftermath. Guess which flavor she picked.
Pan de Donut
Each Pan de Donut can cause as low as P22.00
Since Hubs does not like sweets, it's just Mila and I who'd be eating the donuts so I thought I'd get just a couple. It was too hard too choose so I ended up getting six. Not bad since the price per donut would cause less too. I would not skip on Piling Pili (white choco and pili toppings) because I'm a (adaptive) Bicolana. Dulce Vita or Yema is always a favorite flavor too. I was curious how the Polvoron and Chocnut Crumbles would taste as donut flavors. I got the Nutty Crunch which has crunchy peanut butter as topping because it felt safe just in case the others would taste too unusual. Lastly, the colorful Nippy Nips I got for Mila.All the flavors worked great. A little too sweet for me yet I could still finish a couple in one sitting without having sugar-induced migrane. The bread was soft and not too doughy. I love the light, airy, cream filling that reminds me of J.Co, without the hefty price and long lines. It took me a while to finish the box and had to keep a couple in the fridge for three days. We don;t have oven and not sure how to reheat so I ate them stone cold. Still not bad but I did not enjoy it as much anymore.
Mila got the Nippy Nips without me prodding.
Top: SuperBaby sando. Babyshower gift
Leggings: purchased from Divisoria
Gold bow headband by @mishmashbypaula
Overall, Pan de Donut is a great healthier version of our beloved donuts. Bonus points for using Filipino-inspired flavors. I'd soon go back to try other flavors too. I just need to burn out the calories I gained from our first box.


  1. Yay! This post made me miss Pan de Manila. I love their pandesal too. Always perfect. :) I also love another bread there. Can't remember what it's called. Hahaha! Old age. Anyway, I think I should pay it a visit soon. These donuts made me crave.

  2. Oh shocks! I better try this!


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