#milaOOTD: Mom's Mini-Me

An old wive's tale: If a baby looks more like the father, it means the mother loves the father more than he loves her. And Vice versa.
Yup, you've seen this outfit before. We're not artistas you know! ;) 
During Mila's first week, I thought I looked so much like her. Then days passed and there's more resemblance I see with her dad. I don't mind at all. It's adorable looking at them together. Pinagbiyak na bunga talaga! 

I read that when a baby is born, most of the time he or she resembles the dad more than the mom. It's a good thing so that the dad will not have an excuse to say the baby is not theirs, right? When DNA Paternity Test was not yet available, this was nature's way of saying "Your the Father!" (I bet you said that with Maury's voice). There's no scientific proof to that though so it may be another old wive's tale.
Now at almost two, people say Mila is looking more like Me. Yey! Maybe it's the hair, or maybe because we dress a like a little too much. I feel honored when people say that because Mila has such a pretty face. Yeah, I'm her mom so I'm allowed to say that.

#milaOOTD: May 27, 2015
 Turban: IG @tiny.stitches
Black top and Jumper: locally made
Shoes: Sugar Kids 
I still feel that Mila is her own self. She looks like Mila. Maybe a mix of all of her family's feature put together by God to make such a beautiful baby!

Who do you think your baby looks like?

DON’T PANIC, ITS ORGANIC! A Natural and Organic Products Expo

Here's another Health Matters TV event that promotes healthy lifestyle. Join as an exhibitor or a shopper. Whichever it is, I bet you'd be able to discover and bring home natural and organic products that can only be good for you!

Southern Manila is a haven for the posh elite, young urban professionals and families and expats who lead active lifestyles, pro-health, and pro-environment. This renewed interest in keeping fit and the latest health trends that have become viral thru social media has spurred us to come up with the first Natural and Organic Products Expo at the Filinvest Tent on June 5 to 7.

With over 60 posh subdivisions, Alabang and its neighbouring cities has a solid market for this type of expo. In fact, a small organic market within Ayala Alabang attracts villagers to purchase fresh and organically grown produce.

Filinvest City itself is home to fun runs and serious runs, the biggest of which is the famous Condura Skyway Run. Add to this possible markets come from the nearby offices within Filinvest City and BC+ markets from the catchment areas of Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Paranaque and nearby Laguna and Cavite cities – San Pedro, Binan, Molino, and Dasmarinas.

With these demographics, B99 in partnership with “Health Matters”, a lifestyle health show which airs every Saturdays at 8pm with replays every Sundays at 11am on ANC hosted by Mr. Paolo Abrera, is coming up with the first Natural and Organic Products Expo entitled DON’T PANIC, ITS ORGANIC! at the Filinvest Tent on June 5 to 7, 2015. This will be shown on ANC on June 22 and 23, 2015 with simulcast airing around the world via TFC. Special thanks to our media partners, WhenInManila.com and HealthJunkie.ph.

The expo’s objective is to promote natural, sustainable and healthy lifestyles, natural and organic products. It will encompass four main focuses including, the Natural Food, Natural Beauty & Spa, Natural Living and Health & Nutrition.

The expo also provides an opportunity for supplying and sourcing natural and organic products.

We would like you to take the chance to showcase your products and make the most of the market potential of this area thus; we are inviting you to be part of this momentous expo as one of our valued exhibitor.

Joy Durano 09989765169
[email protected]

Vanessa Verzosa 09175691363
[email protected]
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Just For Run, Join The Fun

Are you a running enthusiast? Do you care about your health? Or do you just want to have fun and help at the same time? Here's something for you!
Press Release Just For Run Join The Fun

Health Matters TV, a lifestyle and health show hosted by Paolo Abrera, partnered with B99 Event Management in organizing JUST FOR RUN, JOIN THE FUN. In line with the show's aim of promoting healthier lifestyle, everyone is encouraged to join this fun-filled run on June 7, 2015 in Filinvest City, Alabang.

Sign up now and be part of a cause that supports our youth. JUST FOR RUN, JOIN THE FUN is also a benefit run for  the students of Pedro E. Diaz High School and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa.

Everyone can join. You can choose from the following categories: 3K (400PhP); 5K (500PhP); 10K (600PhP). Fees are inclusive of race shirt, race bib, medal, snacks, and a chance to win raffle prices.
Just For Run, Join The Fun
Race shirts are available in the following sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) for the following categories: 3k – Blue / 5k – Yellow / 10k - Red
Just For Run, Join The Fun
Race bibs have the following detachable stubs: 1. Raffle 2. Medal 3.Baggage
Join the Run! Register in the following venues.

  1. Toby’s Alabang Festival Mall (April 1 – May 27)
  2. Toby’s Arena Glorietta (April 1 – May 27)
  3. Runnr Alabang Town Center (April 1 – May 27)
  4. Just for Run Booth 2nd Floor, Alabang Festival Mall (May 1 – 27)
  5. Bioessence Skin Care Clinics (April 1 – May 27)
    • Greenhills
    • BF Homes Paranaque
    • SM Southmall
    • Molino
    • Sta. Rosa
    • Calamba
    • Lipa
    • San Pablo
    • West Ave
    • Sta. Lucia East Grandmall
Just For Run, Join The Fun
Register now and receive a limited edition button pin and lots of our goodies.
Join the run and receive loot bags from our sponsors on June 7. Approach our sponsors’ tents; join the special games they prepared and win gift certificates and other prizes. 

This event would not be possible with the help of our generous sponsors. Special thanks to (Major sponsors) Hotel Sogo, Belleieshua Collagen Peptide, Toby's, Runnr, Festival Mall, Filinvest City, (Minor sponsors) Uratex, Hawk Backpacks, Nyogi, Ok Quench, Aquabest, Walter Bread, Blackview, and Bioessence. We'd like to acknowledge our Media Partners, Health Matters TV, WhenInManila.com, and HealthJunkie.ph, and our official photographers, Running Photographers.
Just For Run, Join The Fun
Online registration is extended until June 3, 2015. Register here!

If running is not for you but you care about your health, then you can check out this Health Matters TV event happening on the same weekend.

Health Matters TV is a block-timer in ANC (ABS-CBN News Channel), aired on Saturdays at 8 PM with a replay on Sundays at 11 AM. Season 2 – pilot episode aired on May 16, 2015.

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Summer Travel Essentials

It's Weekend again! Well, I'm still here in the office but in a few hours, I will be off to another roadtrip to spend great time with the family. We'll be celebrating my favorite aunt's birthday and it will be the first time in a while that we will go on a summer trip with the whole gang.

I'm too excited to go but there's just one more stressor I need to deal with - packing all our stuff! Do you realize how much work it takes to pack for a toddler? I think I already have the science of it (I'll share my list soon) but it's still not an easy task. I try to limit our stuff to the basic. But if you ask my husband, he'll say I am the worse packer because Well, I have a lot of basics to bring. *wink*

So don't look at me and instead take your cue from Anne Curtis, Brand Ambassador of American Tourister Philippines, whose busy lifestyle, wanderlust and love for the season has narrowed it down to the most useful travel must-haves for the season. Between jetting off to Australia to spend time with family, wanting to explore Hamilton Island or the Northern Territory or even checking off Nepal this year on her summer go-to list, here are some of her summer travel essentials. 

#milaOOTD: B&W Stripes

As much as I try to avoid eating out midweek, we sometimes indulge on those spur of the moment outings too. Most of the time, it's late lunch or early dinner.

The plan was to limit the times we dine out to maximum of 4 times a month. As I type this post, I realize we've been going out almost 4 times weekly. Imagine how much we could have saved. Then again, it's well worth it if that means time to bond with my loves, doing the things we love.

#milaOOTD: April 2015
handmade bow
denim vest: Levi's Jacket with sleeves cut off
dress: lailaandlyra (IG)
belt: headband from one of Mila's dolls
cat shoes: Mini Melissa

3-Ingredient Cake Pops! Because There's #NoLimitWithInipit

Inipit Pops #NoLimitWithInipit
Three months from now, Mila will celebrate her second birthday. I'm still deciding if we will have a DIY home party or just book a Jollibee or McDo insta-party. I'm still pushing to do it at home so I can have more control on how the party will look, hoping I'd have the time and budget.

While waiting for the final plan, I've been practicing on different recipes for the dessert table. Most of the parties I've recently attended, I noticed that cake pops are quiet a hit. It's everyone's piece of cake, without all the mess! Pretty much like cupcake, only more portable and perfect for little toddler hands. I knew I wanted to make one. One big problem: I don't have baking tools, much less an oven to make the cake since I have a teensy-weensy, bare kitchen.

Then I saw the the Nuffnang Philippines' #NoLimitWithInipit: Make Your Own Lemon Square Inipit Dessert Contest. Tah Dah! There's the answer to my cake-dilemma. I decided to try making my own cake pop using Lemon Square Inipit - our favorite soft, yummy, and fluffy Inipit cakes turned into the popular cake pops.

I improvised and tools and used only 3 major ingredients and viola! Here's how I made INIPIT POPS!

Huggies Launced The "Expert Panel" Tool

Huggies Expert Panel Logo
{Press Release}
Huggies Philippines launches today the “Expert Panel,” a new online consultation tool to help guide new and experienced moms through their motherhood journey. Through its parent company, Kimberly-Clark Philippines, they partnered with the Perinatal Association of the Philippines (PAP) to create an online hub for moms to get direct access to helpful tips and advice on maternal and baby care. The official launch was held in a media event at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel.

The PAP is a premier council of health professionals who have dedicated their lives to understanding baby healthcare and motherhood, and sharing it with those who seek the right information. During the launch, Kimberly-Clark Philippines and the PAP formalized their partnership through an official contract signing between both organizations, recognizing their mutual efforts to provide easy access to tips that will ultimately help guide moms in raising their babies.

“As the lead advocate and major advisory body on maternal and neonatal healthcare in the Philippines, we are very proud and excited of our partnership with Kimberly-Clark Philippines. Together, we hope to continue advocating for optimal and ethical care among healthcare providers and our stakeholders, promoting a harmonious collaboration between both parties,” said Dra. Ma. Theresa Hilario-Jimenez, President of the PAP.

According to a recent survey conducted by Kimberly-Clark Philippines, online information is one of the top sources moms use when getting tips about baby care and motherhood. Recognizing this, Huggies Philippines created the Expert Panel, a free online consultation platform that offers moms easy access to credible tips and advice straight from the experts of the PAP. Now, expert advice is only a click away with the Expert Panel currently housed in the official Huggies Philippines website at www.huggies.com.ph/ExpertPanel.

10 Working Mom's Bag For P1,500 Or Less

You opened your bag to have it checked upon entering the building, and there's a baby bottle, some diapers, and a rubber duckie. Oh oh, here's mommy brain again! You brought your baby bag to work again!

I can't count how many times my work colleague asked if I was carrying a baby bag. Nor the times when I can't find my makeup kit but there's the coloring kit in my bag. See, when we go out to the mall or visit a friend, I try to pack as little as possible. One bag should be enough. I simply squeeze in all my stuff in the baby bag. My work / all-around bag is just too small for my daughter's essentials.

When I'm in a hurry or on zombie mode and when there's no time to switch bags, I just bring the one that has my wallet and makeup kit. Most of the time, I don't even realize I got a baby bag with me - the colorful, cartoony kind that you can't mistake for anything else.

To solve my dilemma, I decided to find a stylish bag for work that's   big enough to fit baby things if needed. That way, I can just bring that anytime, anywhere, and not need the baby bag.

Here are my top 10 Working Mom's Bag that I found online and they cost less than P1,500.

My First RF Body Contouring Experience at #SkinPhilosophie

For the past few months, I've been getting a lot of call outs from my family and old friends. No one is used to seeing a 130-pound Paulline. I miss the 100-something-pound version of me.I know I'm not (yet) overweight and if you see me in person, I'm not that big. Some may still call me skinny. But the big weight gain is troubling me. I'm not used to carrying this much weight in my body, even when I was pregnant. Not to mention that I almost always have to carry Mila which is at least another 10 pounds more.

There had been lots of attempts to get back into a fitter, healthier me, at least on paper. I just keep coming up with excuses. I get discouraged when I don't see any result after a few days.

During one of our meetings with Skin Philosophie's Dr. Kyla Talens (a UK-trained Aesthetic Dermatologist), she mentioned something that's very interesting for me. She said that most of her clients wants immediate, quick results when they go to her clinic. Who doesn't right? But then these treatments may not be permanent. Unless you work for it and continue living a healthy, active lifestyle.

It got me thinking that maybe, if I see immediate results, it will boost my confidence and encourage me to continue with my get-your-body-back program. So I went ahead and asked Dr. Kyla for her recommendation. One thing you should know, this pretty doctor has a holistic approach with her practice. She considers the needs and the budget of her patients. She also promotes sustainable actions to improve your over all health by recommending the right food and exercise, as well as positive thoughts and stress-free living for your mental health.

I told her I want to trim down my waist. It's always been a problem area for me. Most mommies would know it's almost impossible to get it back to where it was after giving birth. She recommended the Therma-Conductive RF Body Contouring. RF or Radio-Frequency technology is a non-invasive, pain-free body treatment to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, firm skin, boost collagen production and tackle any pesky fatty deposits that won't budge with exercise. It promises to tighten the skin and improve tone, without any pain or downtime at all.

RF Body Contouring Procedure

The procedure was quick and relaxing. Before we started, the therapist measured my before-procedure stats. She took 3 measurements, 1 at my midsection, passing though the belly button. The other two were a few centimeters above and below the first. We immediately started the procedure then. All I really did was to lay down and she worked her magic. The machine's rod can get pretty hot so she constantly applies a liberal amount of gel to protect my skin. I felt the heat like it was really burning all the fats inside but it was not uncomfortable at all. I should say that it felt more like I was getting a tummy massage. I noticed that the therapist spent more time on my side, perhaps to give a more defined shape. After 40 minutes, we were done. I did not even notice the time because I was asking a lot of questions and my therapist was very willing to answer and address any concern I had.

RF Body Contouring Results

Immediately after the procedure was done, we took measurements again. The original points were marked off so we could see the difference. Just look at the photos below and tell me it's amazing! Heck yeah! I was really happy seeing those numbers. I lost a total of 9 centimeters. Woohoo
I will go ahead and say it again - this treatment is not permanent. Results of one session may last 2 to 7 days, depending on your lifestyle. As with any procedure like this, you need to complement it with the right diet and exercise. To see a more lasting result, it is recommended to have a few more treatments depending on the extent of change needed.
Right after the treatment, I was off to a date with Hubs. Told you, no downtime. It did not even feel sore. The next day, I was expecting a little bruising but there's none. And I was able to keep the inches off for a few days as promised. Because I did not want to waste the treatment, I actually ate better and (attempted) to exercise. My theory worked. I just needed a little kickstart and see some results to get me going.

For those needing quick fixes or those who need a boost, RF Body Contouring is worth a try. It's a secret shortcut that may just be what you need to bring back your body-confidence.

To know more about the RF Body Contouring and othe services by Skin Philosophie, visit their website at skinphilosophie.com or drop by the clinic for consultation with Dr. Kyla.

Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic and Lifestyle Solutions is located at the 3rd level, The Fort Strip, 28th corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig. For inquiries and appointment booking, contact: 0917-8860646, 0917-8906800, 02-2118662, 02-21580780, or 02-8567451.

For more details, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/skin.philosophie.

{Disclosure: I am an accredited online lead generator for Skin Philosophie}

Recipe: Pad Gkaprow Mu or Thai Basil Pork

Thai Basil Pork

Basil could be our favorite herb ever! I'm not sure when I started my love affair with these sweet leaves. Definitely not when I was younger because my mom does not even know basil until I cooked a meal for her. Maybe it was with pesto pastas, even though I did not know then that the green stuff was basil.

Because we love this 'holy herb' so much and Hubs always craves for my Tomato Pasta with Basil, I decided at one point to buy a pot of plant to grow in our (non-existent) backyard. That way, we have fresh basil anytime of the day. That did not work out though. I got black-thumb. It died in less than a month. So we're back to buying bags of basil from the supermarket again.

I don't know why but I never saw a small bag of basil available nor an option to just get the amount you need and have it bagged and priced after. It's always prepacked in amounts good enough for at least 4 dishes, considering I cook for 4 or 5 people. As much as we like basil, we love variety too and didn't think we could eat this everyday. So if we cook basil-based dishes and skip days, it'll take us up to 10 days to consume it. By that time, the leaves are all wilted and soft and brown. Definitely not appetizing anymore.

Owner/Chef Mel Martinez of Cucina ni Bunso shared some tips on how to prolong the life of fresh basil. The easiest and simplest is to turn it into a pesto sauce. I know, it was quiet obvious. But I did not have the  food processor or even an electric blender to do this then. He also shared refreshing drinks to use basil with and will definitely try them out. Will share them with you soon. In the meantime, you can go to his restaurant and get the Bipolar Iced Tea. It's iced tea infused with Basil! Winner!

Back then, to consume the basil leaves in the fridge so as not to waste them, I try to search for new recipes online. My pasta can only go for so many days. We needed something new and I came across the Thai Basil Pork recipe from The Asian Grandmother's Cookbook. Simple and easy. Exactly what I need. I made some small adjustment on the recipe based on what I had on the pantry that time. I could not say though if it tastes anything like the authentic Thai dish since I haven't tried any. All I can say is that this is a keeper and had been cooking this regularly since.

Thai Basil Pork 


2-3 tbsp oil
1/2 kilo ground pork
1 1/2 cups fresh basil leaves
8 cloves garlic, crushed
1 onion, sliced thinly
1/4 cup water (or beef stock)
2-3 pcs siling labuyo, chopped finely
2 red bell peppers, julienned
2 1/2 tbsp oyster sauce
1 1/2 tbsp soy sauce
1-2 tbsp calamansi juice


1. Heat a wok or large frying pan over medium-high heat and add 2-3 tbsp oil. When oil is hot enough, add garlic and onion. Stir-fry for about 30 seconds or until garlic is golden brown.

2. Add meat and continue stirring for 3 to 5 minutes until pork is slightly cooked. Add water or beef stock, just enough to cover the meat.

3. Cover the pan and let it simmer for 2-3minutes

4. When the liquid had almost dried up, add oyster sauce, soy sauce, and siling labuyo. Mix well.

5. Reduce heat and add basil leaves and bell peppers. Stir and continue cooking for 1 more minute.

6. Add a few drops of calamansi juice right before serving. You can add more if you think it's too salty, although this is best eaten with the saltiness and heat from the chili fighting on your palate.

7. Serve over hot warm rice. You can add a sunny side up egg if you want to.

Yield: 4-6 Servings


Notes From MBP's First Photography Workshop

It's been a couple of months since I attended Mommy Bloggers Philippines' first ever workshop. It took me a while to post this because I was afraid I may not giving justice to Joy's talent.

The whole morning was like brunch with good friends. No technical terms that could make this a Work
We took turns taking photos of the food served by Raintree's Kabila Filipino Bistro. I would be honest and tell you I enjoyed eating the food more than taking their photos. They all just taste so scrumptious. Filipino food served beautifully, that can only enhance their flavor. 

These are a few things took note of during the workshop
  1. You can learn how to take blog worthy photos with any camera device you have - Cellphones, DSLRs, Digital Cameras. It does not matter. I used to be intimidated with other bloggers and their high-end cameras. Not so much anymore (I still wish I got one though)
  2. Photography is all about light! Learn to play with light. The best source is the sun. You can use diffusers (a sheer curtain will do) or reflector boards (crumpled aluminum foil-covered cardboard) as needed.
  3. Props can make or break your photos.
  4. Take different angles to allow you to showcase the best of your subject.
  5. Joy's laugh is contagious - she can start laughing for any random reason and it will be so hard to make her stop. This actually made the whole session fun and light.

Finally, I'm sharing all photos I took during the workshop. Edits are limited to cropping, collage, and watermark. They are otherwise left unedited. I used my trusty old HTC OneX Camera phone.

Practicing different camera angles with Ensaladang Kabila (PhP 195.00)
See how the photo was more alive with the use of props.
Click continue for more photos.

#milaOOTD: Rock&Roll Baby

Just a quickie one as I finish a couple of posts and wait for 90 more minutes before my work shift ends so I can start my weekend.

This popped up on my Facebook's On This Day app while I was checking my news feed. I'm still in Makati and I wish I could transport back home right this second. I so miss Mila and I wanna give her my thousand-kiss-attack!

My little Rock&Roll baby from one year ago!

#milaOOTD: May 8, 2014
Gold Headband: DIY
Shirt: H&M
Leggings: bought preloved from IG
Shoes: Nike

Life Is Never Black And White

Obi-Wan: "So what I told you was true, from a certain point of view."
Luke: "A certain point of view?"
Obi-Wan: "Luke, you're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view."
―The spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker
Star Wars Episode IV, Return Of The Jedi

It is very tempting to see the world in black and white. It somehow makes decisions a lot simpler. Yes or No. Good or Bad. There will never be a maybe nor uncertainties. But life is never black and white. It is so full of color and more!

The debate about black or white being a color had never had a definitive resolution. Even that gets different answers. To put things in perspective, black and white are about a spectrum of colors - the presence or absence of it. So why look at the extremes when there is a whole lot of layers in between.

Black and white thinking is very limiting. Looking at things through a black and white lens hinders you from seeing the full spectrum and depth of the situation. All or nothing thinking can even cause extreme emotional reaction. Sometimes you feel that you are a very terrible person and a complete disaster, while her life is perfect and impossible to do anything wrong. That can surely put your mood into full swing, and it's the easiest way to depression.

We make decisions based on our own experiences

I often see myself arguing with my husband about making plans for our future. As with his own words, he is the person who plans short-term. He makes goals for himself and our family that he can complete within a few days or weeks. I on the other hand prefer long-term plans. I look at five, ten years ahead and where we should be. Is any of us wrong or right? The situation may call for different things. He is successful on short-term goals and that's what makes him fell successful. He sticks with that plan. Long-term planning is what works for me so I'm sticking with it. During the times that I am able to think better and analyze the situation, I think we just complement each other. It gives our family balance.

Black and white thinking is greatly influences by the results of what happened on a certain scenario that people experienced in their past. For example, a child hurt by a dog may continue to hate all dogs in their adult life and see them as evil. Another child that had a pet dog may grow up as a dog advocate and thinks they are angels. Are all dogs evil or angels?
Stop putting label on everything

We had this exercise at work where every one was given a word or adjective that they need to guess. These are words such as tamad, masipag, masungit, babaero, etc. After we guessed the word, we were asked how we felt if we got labeled as such. The curious thing is, even the words that seem negative got accepted positively by most. I got reklamador (always complaining). When others tag someone as reklamador, most say it in a derogatory way. When I am being reklamador, I am expresing my opinion and giving my feedback so that others would know and have the chance to improve the situation. It's not bad nor is it good. It's just is.

Once you pigeon hole someone into something, it limits that person from being more. And it also limits you into knowing the person better. We have workmates that look like a snob. Colleagues rarely approach him for assistance. In fact, he said he is just shy and prefer to be quiet. I know for a fact that he she is very good and has a lot to share. He is one of the best resource person at work. Because he was already tagged as a snob, no one approaches him and he lose the chance to help and make friends.

Putting label on things, specially a one word description is very limiting and immediately puts all things/people/situation into the extremes. If my daughter will fail her exams, she is not stupid. She is just better at somethings. I may argue with my husband but I will never hate him. If your think that you day is extremely terrible, you could feel down the whole day and it can paralyze you from turning things around.

#milaOOTD: April 26, 2015
Top: Gingersnaps
Skirt: Carters
Shoes: Mini Melissa (20th month gift from Mom and Dad)
Be flexible and open yourself to understanding

On times when I get stressed out, when things are not being done the way I want it, I think of my high school math. My favorites subjects were algebra and calculus. Every time we were asked to prove a math equation, I try to solve it multiple ways. I may be able to come up with multiple solutions using different math theories but eventually, I'd end up with the same result. Things may not get done your way all the time. You may not get what you want the way you want it. Allow yourself to consider other possibilities because someone may have a better solution than your own.

If we consistently project our feelings, beliefs, and emotions to other people, we set ourselves up to disappointment. We have to open up our minds to allow it to grow and understand. Relax and understand where other people's actions are coming from. Be flexible enough to realize that it's never all or nothing. Try new things and accept all possibilities, knowing that you will be fine regardless of the outcome. There are still other sides to the situation and who knows if it will turn out for the better. Choose to see the good where other times you only saw bad.

Teaching my daughter about the colorful world

I want to teach my daughter the concept of right and wrong. But more importantly, I want to teach her understanding. I want her to be able to read between the lines. Discern the implicit from the explicit. I am striving to train Mila to make interference on the nature of things and situations. So that she can see it from all perspective and get a better understanding on what is and what is not. If she is able to see things from all angles, then there will be more tolerance and trust. Less hate and disappointments. 

I want Mila to be brave enough to try things outside of her comfort zone. She may make mistakes but who doesn't? With experience comes understanding. Once she accepts the 'maybe's" and the "what if's", she can embrace all possibilities. Then there will be more room for her mind to grow. No limits. Hopefully then, she can make decisions for herself and be a better, happier person. That's my goal. Because everything is not just as it seems. Because life is never just black and white.

If you still insists on looking at life in black and white, then you are missing on a lot. Even God made the world in all shades of light and dark. The horizon even looks different on night or day. There's color all around you and that's what makes life beautiful. Embrace it. Then again, maybe I'm forcing my truth on you and that's me looking at things black and white.

#milaOOTD: Mila Was Here (Plus Our Nivea Big Sale Loot)

In preparaton for the #FightOfTheCentury, Hubs and I decided to do our grocery shopping early. We invited my family to watch the fight with us since we got pay-per-view. Hubs convinced me my dad would enjoy it a lot so we signed up early.

As always, we want Mila to go with us to the grocery since it's family time too. We normally go to Puregold. It's not the biggest in terms of the amount of grocery but I love that there are big spaces in between the aisles. Less chance for carts to bump on each other, and more area for Mila to go run and play. 

I love thise #milaOOTD (ok, I love them all). I just find it so cute when she poses on her own. I actually just took a couple of shots in front of the the roll down gate since we we're already loading the groceries to the car and getting ready to go. When I called her to come near me, she shook her head no. She wanted another photo and that's the second pic right there. I know I should get a better camera. Or camera phone. I just need something that can cope up with the speed of a toddler's movement so my shots will not be so blurred.
#milaOOTD: May 1, 2015
Hat: H&M
Dress: F&X (gift from Lola Carmen)
Sandals: Crocs

One of the reasons too why I wanted to shop early was because of the Nivea's Big Sale. I grew up with my mom using the Nivea moisturizer. The one in a round can that is almost always in the refrigerator. I used Nivea lotion but had since switched to using Argan Oil. Mila sometimes uses the Nivea Head To Toe Wash and Nivea Moisturizing Lotion. We're not loyal really the type to stick to one brand since we're constantly trying new things to see what works. She's on Aveeno now for her bath soap and we're testing the Human Nature Sunflower Oil that we put on her legs mostly.

I mentioned that because I noticed that a lot of mommies I know who took advantage of the Nivea Sale got supplies that I think can last them even 2 years or more. They will even go to multiple stores just to get all the stocks left. Like they do not want to give others the chance to purchase the same thing. I'm not even sure if they can use it before the expiration date. 

As a shopper, I try to buy only what we will use and what we need. I may put in something extra just to test a new product, or splurge a little. But I will definitely not hoard. I try to avoid wasting money on something I will not use. Sometimes, we think that going to a sale saves you money. Not buying anything will save you money! I never thought this way when I was younger. I'm glad Mila Was Here there with me put all things in perspective!
Our Nivea Big Sale Loot
Sun Spray for Kids
After Sun Spray
Extra Whitening Deo Stick
Head to Toe Wash
Moisturizing Lotion
In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner
The Nivea Big Sale is still happening in select Supermarkets, Department Stores, Drug Stores and Groceries natiinwide until May 9. Avail of 50% discount on ALL Nivea Products. Hurry because I heard that stocks are running out really fast!

8 #MayPac Facebook Posts That Really Made Me Laugh

A lot of people had shown support for Pacquiao on his fight against Mayweather, including us of course. I refrained from logging in to social network before and during the fight. When he lost, my newsfeed got flooded with #MayPac reaction ranging from acceptance to bitterness. There are just some that came from creative minds that really made me laugh so hard.

Here's fom a 'boxing statistician' who definitely hit the right numbers. Way better than the official ringside scores.

Notice the difference between the two boxer's shorts? Mayweather may be the highest paid athlete. But Pacquiao has more endorsements, which can be better in the long run. But finally, after the fight, Mayweather got a sponsor.
This one made me sing out loud and was on LSS the whole day.

Our gay friends are rejoicing! This is boxing, not Ms. U or any other beauty contest! I also remember a story a friend told me. Her husband's colleague was asking him to schedule workers to go to work Sunday. He said no one would want to go and he himself wouldn't. They went to their supervisor and was told no one needs to work. "It's the fight of the century for God's sake! Only gays would not want to watch the fight." The colleague was (secretly) gay. He watched the fight too! so much to stereotyping.

I like warm hugs too! Specially if it will give me hundreds of millions! This one was one of the firsts memes that got viral, I think.
Oh, this is my favorite! Mart posts really witty commentaries, specially on his daily MRT rides. I find this one quiet unique and made me really laugh hard! Just a couple of night ago, my feed was flooded with #Forevermore commentaries. I guess he understands the sentiments.
 Finally, this topped my favorites! Need I say more?

For the record, I feel that Mayweather won the fight fair and square. Pacquiao is still great. He just was not his best during the #MayPac #FightOfTheCentury. Win or loose, we still enjoyed that day because we had the chance to bond as a family. We invited my dad and sisters and cousin and ate are asses off. Mila enjoyed her day with Lolo.

The aftermath of the fight was still fun. Just look at all the funny memes and posts floating around. Filipinos really find reasons to smile on every situation!

Personalize Your Leuchtturm1917 Journals For Free In National Book Store

National Bookstore had been known to bring to us products of great quality. That's why when I got my eyes and hands on the Leuchtturm1917 journals during last week's Personalize Your Leuchtturm1917 Journals popup event, I was not surprised with how great these notebooks are.

Leuchtturm1917 (pronounced as 'loyshterm', which is German for lighthouse) has been known in the production of stationery in Germany for over 90 years. Even before you get near the Leuchtturm1917 display, you would already get attracted by the great vibrant colors they have - all 17 of them. I got a black one for my first. I know I will be back for the pink, yellow, purple, and teal. Or maybe all of them. Each journal comes with a unique contents page & page numbers. Great for when you want to easily go back to that specific part of your memory. As a former librarian, I love this feature a lot. Also, the journals have non-bleeding paper that feels luxurious to the touch. You can doodle as much as you want, or even practice your ink calligraphy with no worries because it's ink proof and acid free Your notes can remain for a very long time, without fading or having pages turn yellow. Additional features include perforated pages, a bookmark, an inside cover pocket and stickers for archiving and labeling. Leuchtturm1917 journals are perfect for busy moms like myself who need to record and recall inspirations and ideas, things to do, commitments, and appointments.
“To me, reading through old letters and journals is like treasure hunting. Somewhere in those faded, handwritten lines there is a story that has been packed away in a dusty old box for years.”
Sara Sheridan

Leuchtturm1917 Journals
17 colors to choose from. different sizes and styles. equally colorful pen loops (purchased separately) to match your journal, or get contrasting color for that extra pop of style

Leuchtturn1917 Premium Paper
Leuchtturn1917 journals use premium papers and has unique table of content and pagination.
Leuchtturm1917 Doodle
doodle your heart out. use fountain pen or colored markers. your masterpiece will be safe.
During the event, we got to enjoy making our own rubber stamps and practice brush calligraphy. I had so much fun and I am so proud of my first "Mila" stamp, I want to frame it. Haha. Never mind my calligraphy skills though. I need hundreds of hours of practice, at least. Thanks to the nice ladies of CraftMNL, I learned another craft skill.
craftMNL Rubber Stamp Calligraphy
my first attempt at calligraphy and rubber stamp making. thanks to craftMNL

While guests were still enjoying the crafts table, I was off to have my first, but definitely not the last, Leuchtturm1917 journal personalize. Leo Everaert, Leuchtturm1917’s international sales director,was in Manila to grace this event. He brought with him the embossing machine that allows Leuchtturm1917 Journal owners to personalize their notebooks. He was even the one who did the layout for my request. I will hold off posting a photo of the journal he made for me because it will be given as a gift. Here's other samples though.
Leuchtturm1917 Name Print
add your name, twitter handle, website, or even the title of your journal.
choose from white, gold, silver, and black prints for this one font.
Leuchtturm1917 Leo Everaert
you can request as much as 3 lines printed on the notebooks, just like what I did

You can also make your own Leuchtturm1917 journals more unique and distinct by having it embossed for free. Present your Leuchtturm1917 journals at the pop-up corners only on the specific date and branch.

Visit Leuchtturm1917 pop-up corners at the following dates and branches:
  • May 4 in Greenbelt
  • May 8 in Powerbooks, Greenbelt 4
  • May 12 in Power Plant Mall-Rockwell
  • May 16 in Shangri-la Plaza
  • May 20 in SM Aura Premier
  • May 24 in Trinoma
  • May 28 in Powerbooks, Alabang Town Center, and 
  • June 1 in Powerbooks, Serendra
Leuchtturm1917 planners and journals are available in selected National Book Store and Powerbooks branches. Shop for Leuchtturm1917 journals online at nationalbookstore.com and earn reward points for online purchases. For reservations, call 8888-NBS (627) for calls within Metro Manila, 1-800-10-8888-NBS for calls outside Metro Manila, or text 0998-8888-NBS and 0917-8747-269. The National Book Store hotlines are open Mondays to Sundays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Follow National Book Store on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@nbsalert) for updates on the latest events, promos and contests. Share your Leuchtturm1917 finds using the hashtag #NBSfinds.