Mini Time Capsule Circa 2005-2006

Time Capsule Circa 2005-2006 
Fifteen years! That's how old my blue Marithé + François Girbaud wallet is. It's now a mini time capsule as I checked on the knick knacks that I found inside when I cleaned up a few boxes of treasures last week. Before I show you what I found, let me say how awesome the wallet was. I think this was my first Girbaud wallet that I purchased for myself. It had served me well for most of my college days. I got a leather one too but this one was y favorite only because it was more casual. Aside from some wrinkles from wear, there's no damage to the wallet and still very usable. 

I decided to just keep this in my treasure box because it's already a mini time capsule that captured that time, half a lifetime ago. 

I'm glad I was able to keep this ID. Sometime, I encounter people that won't believe I attended college at the University of The Philippines. Maybe because I am not 'successful'. Not that it matters. I got great memories from my 6 years residency and it'll be fun if I got props to show Mila when I tell them those stories.
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A Student Prayer. I'm not religious and I don't constantly recite this prayer. I think this was a gift (or maybe I picked it from a library book that someone else used as a bookmark). I find this now to be a little piece of guidance, not only for students but for anyone trying to learn. "Give me a diligent and obedient spirit, a quick mind to grasp ideas and a retentive memory."
Time Capsule Circa 2005-2006
Notice how I did not mention that ID pic? Oh my!
I though I'd stay an extra year to finish my degree. Notice how I got lots of general education courses left towards the end of my stay? I've never been a fan of writing anything. I tried as much as I can to avoid Humanities, English, Psych, Comm, PolSci and Socio. Now I wish I paid attention to them.
Time Capsule Circa 2005-2006 
I attended public schools from Grade School (F. G. Calderon Integrated Scholl), to High School (Manila Science High School), until College.Oh, tuition fees! UP used to be so affordable.I tried applying for STFAP but because my dad was working overseas, they though I did not need any financial assistance. But still, compare my full sem's tuition to what the student's are paying now. I wonder how much we have to save up for Mila. Told her dad to start training her to be an athlete so we can have discounts. :)
I love anime and I used to draw a lot. Mostly I copy them from posters and even from teks (90's kids will know that. I still collect those even on my early 20's. Most of the time, I doodle random things on any paper. They don't look very nice though. I just want to keep my hand busy when I'm sleepy in class. 

One of the best things I did then was to join different school organizations. Aside from the academic orgs, my 2 favorites were the UP Helping Hand that focused on charitable works and Grip UP which is a sports climbing org. I got hooked on wall climbing (pun intended) and frequented Power UP. I'd tell you now that it was for a boy that I started to frequent this Tandang Sora warehouse. I still remember his name but not the face. Adrian. Trivia: I don't talk to my crushes. It's either I'm too shy or I'm afraid I'd get disappointed once I get to know them so I just stalk secretly look from a distance. As I try hard to pretend to focus on my climb, I realized I really am focused and enjoying it. Forgot about the boy and got better and stronger with each climb. Two things I remember most as a part of Grip: (1) It was fun to see the 100-pound me belaying an almost 300-pound man as he climb the wall and (2) I got to watch UP Fair on top of a 40-foot wall with the crush.
Time Capsule Circa 2005-2006 
My closest friends had been my friend since I was a in Kinder. Even then, they know I prefer not to be photographed, as I am not fond of selfies now. On rare occasions, my childhood friends, Aida Joy, Karen Joy, and Dorothy Joy would ride the LRT to go to Libertad just to have our studio shots. Yes, we're all Joys. Well, Aida is just Aida but we love her so she can share our Joys. I think I threw away my solo shot of this just. I hated it. Now that I learned to laugh at myself, I wish I kept I copy for #TBTs.
Time Capsule Circa 2005-2006
(from bottom left, clockwise) Gemini, Bevz, Jendi, DJ, KJ, AJ
Now I have no idea how old this card is. It has my name on it at the back so that would date this at least 18 years ago. I have to get one for Mila soon. I thought she would be a McDonald's girl but turns out she loves Jollibee more. Her Sunday Spaghetti before church is becoming a habit already.
Time Capsule Circa 2005-2006 
Theres a few more family pictures in the wallet - my sisters, cousins, and aunt. They were just print outs from our home printer. I'm surprised the color stayed vivid. At the lower right corner is a very old picture from Baguio with my Grade School friends. I lost in touch with most of them but it's still fun to think about how innocent we were. I know there's more business cards in there from school mates, teachers, and other contacts throughout my college stay. It's worth looking at them to rebuild my network.
Time Capsule Circa 2005-2006 
Oh, I have money kept in there too. These had been there from when I got the wallet and never spent them. They say it's for luck. I thinks I believe it. This wallet had been with me though thick or thin. From when I receive my full allowance at the start of the month, until when I have to stretch out my 100 pesos for the full week. Yet it stayed with me and kept the memories intact. Isn't that lucky?

The ABC's of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy

The ABC's of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy
a hand lettering I made as inspired by Abbey Sy's The ABC's of Hand Lettering
 During High School, I was the type who would use different 'artistic' methods to make the notebook look full, albeit the sparse amount of actual notes. Because I lack the talent with lettering, I remember asking a good friend Clarence to do the lettering on my notebooks.He would make such beautiful scripts with a few careless strokes and I'd envy him the whole time.

One day, I just decided I can do it myself and started copying scripts from books and the internet. As time goes, I tried creating my own style. It's not as pretty or as well thought off as most artists I see in IG. I really rarely do hand lettering at work (I hardly write at all) and I think the skill faded too.

Now that I'm a mom, I'm finding hand lettering useful for making stuff with and for my daughter. It comes handy too for parties as I am finding myself wanting to DIY everything - invites, thank you cards, table displays, name tags, etc.

If you are anything like me who wants to learn or improve their skills with hand lettering but aren't quiet sure how to begin, then The ABCs of Hand Lettering from Summit Books is a perfect read. Written by freelance designer, workshop instructor, creative entrepreneur, and letterer Abbey Sy, the book guides you through a wonderful new hobby with basic techniques, helpful tips, and lots of encouraging inspiration.

"Hand lettering requires a thorough understanding of your ideas, combined with a bit of technical skill and a whole lot of passion, patience, and practice to make it work," says 22-year old artist in her opening letter to readers. "Letters and type have a strong power to express words and ideas visually, which is why drawing letters is one of the more interesting ways to showcase are that people can appreciate.: This book is Abbey's first, and is the first book on lettering by a Filipina author.
The ABC's of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy
In The ABCs of Hand Lettering, know the materials you need and the terms to learn as you get started; learn the difference between serif, sans serif, and decorative fonts; and find out how to use font weights to depict certain moods and emotions. Next, find out how to put your work together: from drafting to making the layout to inking and embellishing.

For inspiration, marvel at the work of other letterers featured in the book, such as Risa Rodil, Patrick Cabral, Ella Lama, John Ed Vera, Fozzy Castro-Dayrit, Jelvin Base, Googly goeys, June Digan, Alessa Lanot, Anina Rubio, Alexis Ventura, Christine Herrin, and Carl Chua.

Lastly, prepare to get your work out there with tips on practicing and finding your own style, and important things to keep in mind throughout your hand lettering journey.

The book launch and workshop of The ABCs of Hand Lettering was held on June 20, 2015 at National Bookstore, Glorietta 1. The first 50 participants got the chance to take part in the one-hour workshop and had their names personally hand lettered by Abby Sy. 
The ABC's of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy
My favorite part will be the inspirations from different artists. It's really wonderful to see how hand lettering can turn any canvas to a work of art. The tools are helpful too, specially the different types of pens that we can use. I find it kid of intimidating when I initially tried the calligraphy pen and thought that lettering was not for me. Turns out, there are lots of other mediums that I can try and experiment with.

The ABCs of Hand Lettering is now available in bookstores, newstands, convenience stores, and supermarkets nationwide for P295.

{the is a press release and I received a copy of the book from @nbsalert}

Half of EDSA Closed on June 28 For Road Sharing

Plans to close off half of EDSA on Sunday, June 28 had been announced earlier. This is based on the proposal from Share the Road Movement (Bayanihan sa Daan), headed by environmental lawyer Antonio Oposa Jr. If approved by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), here's how EDSA will be segmented for road sharing:

edsa closed on june 28 for road sharing rappler image
image taken from

From 12am to 11:59 of June 28, the 5 lanes will be shared by (Lane 1) Pedestrians, (Lane 2) Bikers, (Lane 3) City Buses, (Lane 4) Provincial Buses, (Lane 5) Private Vehicles. This will affect both North and South bound lanes of Edsa from Ortigas to Mall of Asia. The aim of this is to decongest the streets, minimize the number of vehicles contributing to pollution, and promote healthier way of transport: walking and biking.

Sunday will be a test run for this 'EDSA Evolution 2015' which if successful, may be implemented whole year round. It's a big change and may I say, ambitious. As early as now, vehicle owners and commuters have varied reaction to this proposal.

Spreading the Love This Father’s Day with DQ’s Speculoos Blizzard Cake

It's been raining more often now but the day's heat is still at its worst. When the rain is pouring, there's no other way to enjoy your cup of coffee than with a bite of Lotus Biscoff. Its delectable hint of cinnamon and other spices add to Biscoff’s well-beloved unique taste. On the other hand, summer days mean ice cream all the way. The thick, creamy, cold bite that can bring you back to winter wonderland.
Father’s Day with DQ’s Speculoos Blizzard Cake Press Release
Get this limited offering from Dairy Queen: Lotus Speculoos Blizzard!
Mixing our favorite peculoos flavors with ice cream, now that's perfect for our bipolar weather, all year round! You can now have a taste of Lotus Biscoff in your favorite Dairy Queen stores nationwide! The Lotus Speculoos Blizzard features the unique taste and crunchy texture of Biscoff cookies together with the sweet & creamy Lotus Biscoff Spread. It’s so thick and creamy that you need to scoop it in a spoon and served upside-down. Available in three sizes, regular, medium and large, get them until July 2.

As a special treat for Father's Day, the delectable intensity of flavor of the Lotus Biscoff caramelized biscuit is now combined with Dairy Queen’s Blizzard Cake. They surely know how to reward each ‘cool’ dad with an equally awesome ‘cool’ cake. You can now surprise your beloved fathers with this limited edition treat on his special day. With its unique caramelized flavor and texture, it will surely capture their hearts. So don’t forget to grab this chance of trying out Dairy Queen’s Father's Day Speculoos Blizzard Cake from June 15 - 21, 2015 in all DQ outlets nationwide.
Father’s Day with DQ’s Speculoos Blizzard Cake Press Release
Satisfy your craving with these limited offers from Lotus and Dairy Queen. Lotus Biscoff is the famous international brand that launched to fame for its unique wonderful flavor, therefore acquiring the name of Europe’s favorite coffee biscuit. The Lotus Biscoff cookies also have a sister product, which is the Lotus Biscoff Spreads, available in Crunchy and Smooth Texture under a new packaging. Together, they make up a whole product line that will surely excite tastebuds and create those sweet cravings from the young and young at heart.

Zoomanity Group Joins Philippine Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Event

{press release}The leader in theme park management is undoubtedly no other than Mr. Robert Laurel Yupangco. 6 Theme Parks; Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zambales, Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite, Residence Inn, Tagaytay, Zoocolate Thrills in Loboc, Bohol, Zoocobia in Clark, Pampanga and Zootopia in Japan are the parks managed by the award winning entrepreneur aside from the other 20 more businesses he is handling; Hotels (Azotea, Residence Inn, Zoobic Lodge), Financial Services (YL Finance, Manila Express), Industrial Products (Aqua Primera Refilling Station), Transportation (Bel Air Transport, Golf Cars, Greyhound Safari Vans), Music & Sound Systems (Yamaha Music, Sound Publishing, Yamaha School of Music), Real Estate (YL Land, Commercial Centers), Restaurants (Nanten Japanese Restaurant inside Manila Polo Club, Misono Japanese Restaurant, Yakitori).

For this coming June 22, 2015, The Philippine Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (PhilAAPA) will have a tour operators event at Enchanted Kingdom, Santa Rosa, Laguna with its 40 members that includes Zoomanity Group (Zoobic Safari, Zoocobia, Residence Inn, Paradizoo, Zoocolate Thrills and Zootopia Japan), Manila Ocean Park, Ocean Adventure, Enchanted Kingdom, Star City, Ticketworld, Mind Museum, Puzzle Mansion, Active Fun, Pixie Forest (Festival Mall) and Island Cove among other members.

The organizers invited 500 Travel and Tour Operators with a conference about safety. The 2015 Tour Operators Day aims to unite amusement park owners and accredit/ acknowledge partners in the industry as well as Tour Operators and Bus Operators. Seminars will also be conducted to uplift the standard of the services and promotion of the tourism industry which in return, everyone will be benefited.

Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas of TAG Media and Public Relations, the one in charge for marketing and branding of Zoomanity Group will also join the event. Selected participants will be going to the venue in style since they will be riding in a two decker jeepney, manufactured and produced by Mark Bautista.

For more info, please contact TAG Media and Public Relations at 09166299381 or at [email protected]

Quick and Easy Nail Design with Revlon Nail Art Expressionist

Quick and Easy Nail Design with Revlon Nail Art Expressionist
Since I graduated high school, when nail polish was not banned at school anymore, I've always had fancy, colorful nail designs. We had a neighbor who enrolled in Tesda to train in making beautiful Nail Arts, years before it became so popular. She'd go to our house weekly and all four of us (my sisters and mom) will get our nails done. It was our girl bonding of sorts.

Then I got older, and busier, and moved out of my mom's house. The visit to the salon got rare. I was lucky to get fresh polish every month. Then I got pregnant and I got too paranoid. I was worried that the chipped polish will get inside me somehow and harm my little unborn child. Newbie momma didn't know about child-safe, all organic polishes then.

Now I have a little two year old who would sit still for hours if needed just so I can finish painting her nails. I'm still on the fence about this but sometimes, the spark in her eyes can hypnotize me to say yes. But just on her toes. It's a hard no for fingernail polish for now.

Mood-O-Meter To Manage Toddler Tantrums

Mood-O-Meter To Manage Toddler Tantrums
Most toddler tantrums happen when they are unable to say what they want. It frustrates them when they try to tell you something and you don't get it so they freak out. And then you get frustrated too and they can feel it so the tantrum worsen. 

With limited vocabulary, I urge my toddler to use signs or point at the object she wants. I encourage her to always use words, even if she has but a few. When she cries, I would always ask her "Why are you crying?" even when she was still a baby. If gives her a reason to pause when she is crying, trying to think of the answer. I take advantage of that to divert her attention. Often, I voice out the answer for her. I may not always get it right but it helps train her in giving label to the things around her, even to her moods.

So what else do we do to help manage toddler tantrums?

Random Lessons Learned From Facebook

Do you have to have first hand experience to be called an expert?

I mean, I had teachers in engineering who had never been an 'engineer' but they were the best in the department.
Some great pediatricians never had a child, and we still trust them with our child's care.
There are political analysts who were never politicians, yet they help shape a nation with their thoughts.

Do we consider them experts, even if they do not 'do'? And if not, does that mean they are not entitled to their own opinion nor allowed to give their own piece of mind? Do we just block them off as fakes or posers?

I started this post as a quick Facebook status. Then again, I realized I have a few more things to say. And I want it here in my blog so my daughter can read this when she is older.

I laugh because a subtle argument in my Facebook feeds got me thinking about this. Well, my husband said it's not an argument, it's just boys trash taking. Fine. Price to the first person who can guess what it was about.

A couple of days back, someone posted that someone should stop pretending to be an expert when he is not even doing the same thing as the person he is giving his opinion on. Opinions from non-players are invalid because they cannot play. He is in the field so his and others in his status are the only opinions that matter. Comments were added to the effect that if they cannot do, then do not preach. Simply put, it was a call to shut up and stop giving your opinion if you are not an expert. And by his definition, experts are only those with first hand experience, hence my thought on my Facebook status.

So then I refreshed my newsfeed a few minutes after and there's a sort of answer to the first post. It says that a person can post whatever on his wall because it's his. No one can tell him to stop expressing his opinion just because he is not in the field. He may not be an expert because he doesn't play the game but it's something he loves and had been following all facets of it for decades. That gives him enough credit to know what he is talking about. So he is claiming his right to continue giving his piece of mind using his own level of expertise.

I was told not to mind and give a big deal about this. Well, I really don't care much about their arguments / trash talk. I just thought of a few random lessons I learned from these Facebook post.

Lesson #1: Respect other people's opinion

Not everyone is an expert. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinion. You may not agree and yours may be the opposite but their opinion is theirs. Respect that.

Lesson #2: Argue on facts, not on opinions

On a debate, be objective. Take the feelings out because that may cause you to spur words that can bite you back.
If you are not able to win them over, then it's not their fault, it's yours. Check if your arguments are valid. And even if it is, just let it go. Do not hold grudges just because you are not on the same boat.

Lesson #3: Learn true empathy

Mila may be too young to fully understand this word. As early as now, we are training her to understand others. Empathy is not just putting yourself in the other person's shoes. The problem with that is we have our predefined conceptions based on previous experience that you may react differently than him when put on the same situation.

Instead, look at the whole picture and analyze where the other person is coming from. Understanding is asking the right questions. Get the root cause of his/her actions and opinion so you can properly empathize.

Lesson #4: You are what you say/post

You share stuff on social media knowing that a lot of people can see it. It is but normal if others make their own opinion about it and about you based on what you show them. You may be judged. You may be applauded or you may be ridiculed. If you know your self enough, make sure you can stand for your words.

#milaOOTD: Oct 2014
Headband: DIY Bows from her 1st birthday party
Crop Top: ordered from IG (@gamyella_shop)
Shorts: old navy
Shoes: Mini Melissa replica 
I know these are very random lessons that may or may not be related to the Facebook feeds I mentioned earlier. It really just got triggered as I the conversation that ensued through comments and back and forth status posts.

Regardless of the back story, these lessons still hold true to me and Mila better learn them too.

Celebrate Independence Day with Financial Independence!

Happy Independence Day! Today commemorates the proclamation of  Philippines' sovereignty and independence from hundred years of Spanish colonization. It's Freedom Day!

For most Filipinos now, Independence Day means a day off from work. Heavy traffic along Edsa tells me that families and friends are trooping out of town, taking advantage of the long weekend. I wonder though if everyone is ready to spend money for their vacation. Had they been keeping aside money specifically saved for leisure? Is it from extra money kept in the bank or earnings from investments? Or were they crossing their fingers for the mid-month pay check to arrive early?

I'd say that the best way to celebrate Independence Day is to declare Financial Independence. Financial Independence may mean differently for each one. It may be the ability to spend cash for a grand vacation, or having money saved up for their child's college fees and for retirement. It can also be the feeling of security with knowing you can take care of your self and your loved ones in case of medical needs.

The Tannery Manila + Giveaway

A working mom requires a big sturdy, timeless bag that can go from day to night and from meetings to weekend play dates. I was in search of my next go to bag and someone suggested a 100% home-grown brand called The Tannery Manila which specializes in the manufacturing of leather materials and leather goods.

The Tannery Manila are not just bag makers, but also experts in leather being in the industry since 1901. They are committed in catering to both product and quality service. The Tannery Manila offers product warranty and made-to-order services for individuals who are looking to personalize, who have specific requirements, or who like to materialize a particular design in mind. The Tannery Manila lets you turn your idea into a reality!

If you want to check the best selection of leathergoods, visit their website at or drop by their store at 2nd Floor, Building A, Tiendesitas Pasig.

For even better news, The Tannery Manila Pop-Up Sale is just around the corner! Coming this June 20 to 21 discover quality leathergoods on sale at the 1st Building A, Tiendesitas, Pasig. This happens only twice a year and with up to 60% price discounts, leather enthusiasts surely won't want to miss

Get updates on this event by joining on facebook (just click here). Log in to to pre-register online.
Don't forget to join the LEATHER ADDICT - BAG GIVEAWAY! See contest mechanics below to find out how to WIN!

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo

Go Girl Expo Finds was a media partner at the recently held Go Girl Expo. As part of this amazing group, I got some VIP passes to the event and even spent some time manning the Health Junkie booth with the amazing Ms. Tonette. We were fortunate to be near the stage. We got to listen to inspiring talks from wonderful guest speakers, while shoppers took selfie at our booth to join the raffle sponsored by Health Junkie and The Playground. The winner got an #LJFitChallenge kit worth P4000 which fits the Go Girl Expo's aim of promoting and empowering healthy and active Filipinas.

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Tent
15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Health Junkie Booth
15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Speakers
Two Empowered Filipina sharing their expertise on being the best that you can be

Of course, I made sure to visit all the exhibitors too. There were so much to see, try, and buy. It's inspiring to meet and talk to woman entrepreneurs. There were so much products made by women, to empower women.

To share the experience, I picked 15 favorite things from Go Girl Expo. It was hard to choose because each booth had something great to offer. I decided to share my 15 favorite things based on what I purchased or want to purchase because I believe in the product. Here's the list in no particular order:

Toddler Approved No Mess Ice Cream

Summer is just about over but there's always time for Ice Cream! Imagine the fun of eating ice cream from wafer cones, getting all messy, and licking all the drips from your hand.  FUN! Not suc a good idea when you are at the mall though. 

For my Ice-Cream-loving girl, she still gets her dose of the cold treat when we go to the groceries. Thanks to Jipangyi Seoul Cane Ice Cream - a mommy and toddler approved no mess ice cream. 

Jipangyi Seoul Cane Ice Cream offers soft serve ice cream on various cone shapes made from corn. The ice cream itself is pretty average. It's the cone that makes it unique because the shape and thickness allows it to hold the ice cream without any spills or mess, even if it had already melted. It's also a healthier alternative since the cones have significantly less sugar than the common wafer cones we're used to. The cones can be filling, but if you feel like you need an extra boost of sweetness, add ons are available too.