#milaOOTD: Mila Cool Catz

It's Sunday night and weekend is almost up. I hope everyone got the chance to bond with their family, or at least had spent some time praising the Lord. For us, Sunday is always church day. 
I try to dress up Mila in her best Sunday Dress as much as I can. But then again, it does not always have to be a dress. Early this morning, she got to wear her boots on her own. So she gets to wear it the whole day.
I'm glad I got this little girl to make me feel better and stay cool when something is bothering me. See, I got called out for not wearing the right clothes in church. As far as I know, non-revealing blouse with short sleeves and loose slacks are appropriate enough. When I was told I should change my top, my initial reaction was to ask why. Not because I don't want to follow rules but because I need to know what I did wrong so I won't make the same mistake. Sadly, I was told to just follow and stop asking. I think they thought I was just being rude. Since we were in church and I have respect with the people around me, I just shut my mouth and focused on good thoughts. Mila is always a good thought. (note to self: I need to ask the right persons to tell me what clothes are right to wear and be more conscious since I don't really think too much of what I wear and just grab the first thing I get in the closet).
It was so hot outside, we were sweating in no time. Yet the little girl could not stop running and kept her cool. She would not even let go of the cat because it's "my pet", she said. 
At one point, her cousin Ashton came to join in the fun. I want to take their photo together but the little 1 year old was so curious with Mila's Lalaloopsy that I was holding, he kept running towards me. I gave it to him and Mila's reaction was priceless... 
I'm not sure if she finds it weird that a boy is playing with her doll, or that her cousin is playing with socks. Maybe because Ashton would not pose like she would. I was laughing so hard when I saw her face on this shot.

Today as I end my weekend, I sleep with a happy heart because I get a big hug and a huge smile from this little cool catz. 

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