On This Day, Three Years Ago

I know what this post was about. I clearly remember. It's the first time I caught him cheating.

I did the deadma mode and did not say anything to him. I just observed and gathered info. I tried to block any pain as I focused my attention to my growing belly to keep me sane. But it got to the point that I had to block the girl from his FB account and phone. It got unblocked with no questions from him.

We didn't talk about it because the happiness of being pregnant was way more than the pain of being created on. No confrontations. No drama. I think Mila made him give up the girl. She just disappeared from his life. I thought that was strong of him to do so.

Until he found another girl. That one was a whole different story.

(PS. I posted this earlier without edit. I finally broke my blog silence and it feels good. This is not my way of ruining my daughter's father's name. This is me trying to heal. Just had to go back and edit the obvious grammatical errors. ;) )